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    Hand Weakness

    Weakness does not necessarily signal the presence of pain, but there is the possibility of several common symptoms that coincide with weakness

    Common characteristics of hand weakness

    Hand weakness can likely be described by the following.

    • Weak grip
    • Inability to carry otherwise manageable items
    • Numbness
    • Hand pain
    • Clumsiness using the hands
    • Hand fatigue
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    SaeboGlove Wrist Support & Glove Liner

    The cutting edge SaeboGlove helps clients suffering from neurological and orthopedic injuries incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home. The proprietary tension system extends the client’s fingers and thumb following grasping. The lightweight, low-profile functional design is just one of the many innovative features that are offered with the SaeboGlove.

    LePetit Mouse Cushion

    Le Petit Cushion – with massaging ergoBeads

    Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

    Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

    Mueller Wrist Brace with Splint

    Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome and weak or injured wrists. Removable splint immobilizes wrist in natural position. Adjustable wrist tabs and wraparound strap gives perfect fit and direct compression around the wrist. Breathable materials provide comfort. Fits either hand. Black. Fits wrists up to 9" (22cm) in circumference.

    8" Universal Wrist Support

    Universal Wrist - Available in Right or Left. Universal 8″ Wrist Brace provides secure immobilization of the wrist while maintaining full motion of the hand and fingers. With its universal sizing and adjustable features, it is a versatile solution for patients and healthcare professionals.

    M-Brace Wrist Wrap

    Used for light traumas and minor injuries of the wrist, or for post-trauma rehab and prevention during sports, this wrist support has swiftly-adjustable compression. Hypoallergenic, breathable, 100% cotton on the skin. Neoprene and latex free.

    Low Profile Wrist Support 7"

    Indications The Breg Low Profile Wrist Brace is indicated for wrist sprains & strains, Scaphoid injuries and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Wrist Cushion for Mouse

    Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon – Ergonomic Wrist Support.

    PM IMAK WRISTIMER PM, Universal size, For repetive stress injury

    WrisTimer PM wrist support provides therapeutic treatment at night.

    IMAK Compression Arthritis Thumb

    IMAK COMPRESSION arthritis thumb

    Wrist Widget

    A revolutionary way to treat ulnar-sided wrist pain and TFCC tears.

    Comfy Hand/Wrist/Finger Orthosis

    Our popular Comfy™ Hand Orthosis provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers. This is the ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand. Ambidextrous.

    Metforce Wrist Brace-Universal

    The patent-pending ARYSE METFORCE WRIST features a hinged, malleable frame to provide relief.


    Use as tongs or separate for single spatula use Nylon, open-slotted spatulas are great with non-stick cookware. Dishwasher safe.

    Combination Cutting Board

    A food grade cutting board with a chef knife attached so that it can be utilized in a chopping motion.

    Benik W-711 Forearm Radial Nerve Splint

    Forearm based radial nerve splint provides digit and thumb MP extension and forearm and wrist support associated with digit, hand and wrist weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy.

    Hand & Two Finger Extension Splint and Immobilizer for Index, Middle or Pinky Fracture

    Minimize Trigger Finger & Broken Knuckle Pain: The Benefits of Finger Splints Recovering from a finger injury or managing a chronic hand condition can be a major drag. Daily activities such as work and errands can cause debilitating pain. A finger splint can help you get through everyday tasks without aggravating your injury. The best brace for your condition depends on your specific injury and lifestyle. Check out the finger injuries and recommended uses below to find if our versatile finger straightening splint is ideal for your specific situation!

    ProCare QuickFit Wrist II

    Universal size. Pick: Right or Left.

    Wrist Lacer Black

    Great choice for wrist sprain/strains, carpal tunnel and post-cast support.

    Semi-circular Peg Board

    Semi-circular pegboard designed for people with hand injuries, neurological involvement or orthopedic injuries. Increase upper extremity ROM, strength, coordination and endurance, or improve cognitive and visual skills. 3 tiers hold 43 pegs. Pegs come in two different lengths and three diameters.

    Baseline 9 Hole Pegboard

    Improve fine motor coordination and observe quality of movement and speed. 14 pegs stored in two compartments with board. Square board 4-7/8" pegs are 1 - 1/2" L x1/4" dia.

    Jamar Hand Evaluation - 3-piece Set - Features 200 lb HHD and 50 lb HPG

    Jamar 3-piece hand evaluation set includes a Jamar 200 pound hand dynamometer, Jamar 50 pound pinch gauge, and 6" finger goniometer. Ships in a protective carrying case.

    CanDo Digi-Flex Hand Exercisers, Set of 5

    The CanDo Digi-Flex develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Comes with illustrated manual. Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Stronger fingers cannot compensate for weaker ones. Progressive color-coded resistance gives patient positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.

    Jamar E-Z Read Measuring Set

    Jamar 3-piece hand evaluation set includes a Jamar 200 pound hand dynamometer, Jamar 50 pound pinch gauge, and 6" finger goniometer. Ships in a protective carrying case.

    Hand Dynamometer - Hydraulic - 200 lb. Capacity

    Jamar hydraulic hand dynamometer offers accurate and repeatable grip strength readings. Unit has an adjustable 5-position handle. Maximum strength indicator remains after each reading until reset. Registers in pounds and kilograms.

    Swede-O Thermal Vent Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica

    The Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica provides comfortable support and compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, skiers thumb, and other wrist and thumb related injuries.

    Great Grips Door Knob, Pack of 2

    Great-Grips Door Knob Gripper is an inconspicuous addition that makes any standard round doorknob easy to turn with a closed fist, elbow, or even a single finger.

    Digi-Flex Multi, 32 Additional Finger Buttons with Box (4 Each: Tan through Gold)

    The Digi-Flex Multi hand exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination.

    Therapy Putty Combo Pack (4 Pack, 3-oz Each) for Hand Exercise Rehab

    Therapy Putty Combo Pack for Hand Exercise Rehab. Fidgeting, and Stress Relief 4 Pack, 3-oz Each

    Manipulation and Dexterity Test - Purdue Pegboard

    The Purdue Pegboard Test was originally developed in the 1940s as a test of manipulative dexterity. Now it is the industry standard in measuring the gross movements of hands (hand dexterity), fingers (unimanual and bimanual) and arms as well as finger-tip dexterity.

    BCI ThermalQ X-Static Silver Infused Gloves

    X-Static Silver fiber, Antimicrobial, antibacterial, Tested effective against Coronavirus, Thermodynamics. Adjust with body surface temperature, Improve blood circulation Breathable. Adaptive sweat, moisture wicking, fast-drying, Anti-static Includes one pair of gloves. Many happy users use this as their arthritis gloves. Choose size Small, Medium or Large

    DermaSaver Finger Separator

    DermaSaverFinger Separator Won't flatten out. Four soft layers of MicroSpring Textile™ are placed between each finger while the cushioning palm pillow provides maximum comfort. Adjustable soft band with hook-and-loop fastener. One size. Fits left or right.

    Soft Pencil Grips, Pack of 12

    Design promotes correct gripping and prevents finger cramping and user discomfort. Fits any standard pencil or pen. For right- or left-handed use.

    Dycem Activity Pad, Blue 18"x 15"

    The Dycem® 0.4mm thick anti-slip mats and pads provide a secure surface that anchors items, such as a cup, plate, tool, note pad and telephone on the table or tray. Dycem® placemats improve the stability of a variety of objects during therapy and around the home. Material is reusable and easy to clean. Latex free.

    Page Turner

    Lightweight device allows for easier reading.

    Thermal Gloves Insulated Soft Fleece

    Infrared Raynaud’s gloves are specially designed to improve circulation, fight symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon, relieve cold hands and discoloration. The gloves contain high percentage of thermo-reactive minerals known as Celliant® a ground-breaking fiber technology with United States and Canada based clinical trials to prove its efficacy.

    iMouse E1 Illuminated Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

    iMouse E1 Illuminated Vertical Ergonomic Mouse supports the hand in relaxed handshake position to help minimize wrist pain. Switchable DPI provides two levels of control (1000 and 1600). Optical sensor technology works on most glass, wood, marble, and leather surfaces without a mouse pad. Includes six buttons: Left and Right Click, Back and Forward, DPI Switch, and Scroll Wheel. Ice Blue illumination contrasts against glossy black case for a sharp look.

    Universal Quad Cuff

    A Universal Holder made of cushioned cylindrical foam.

    Hand Weakness