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    Benik W-711 Forearm Radial Nerve Splint

    Forearm based radial nerve splint provides digit and thumb MP extension and forearm and wrist support associated with digit, hand and wrist weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy.

    The dynamic, low-profile design results in a functional, cosmetically pleasing splint that positions the hand open and ready to use for activities of daily living. Full product weight is only about 5.5 ounces. Specify left or right hand.

    Benik's medical professional customers have reported success using the W-700 series supports for management of mild ulnar drift. Their patients have experienced improved grip through dynamic, resistive support of the hand, wrist and digits.

    Circumference at MCPsCircumference at Forearm
    S/M6 1⁄2" - 8"6" - 11 1⁄2"
    M/L8 - 9 1⁄2"6" - 12 1⁄2"

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    W-701 Hand Based Radial Nerve Splint

    This hand based splint provides digit and thumb MP extension with digit and hand weakness/paralysis secondary to radial nerve palsy.


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    Radial Nerve Palsy Splint | Dynamic Wrist Drop & Finger Extension Brace for Saturday Night, Honeymoon & Crutch Palsy

    Radial Nerve Palsy Splint for Limp Wrist and Finger Extension Very few radial nerve splints for men and women with radial nerve palsy, a peripheral nerve injury, wrist drop, Saturday night palsy, honeymoon palsy, crutch palsy, or weak fingers exist on the market today. And the products that do exist lack affordability, functionality, practicality, comfort, and fit. Limp wrist caused by radial nerve injuries is much more common than you might expect. For reference, between 2% and 17% of people who have experienced a humeral shaft fracture eventually develop radial nerve palsy. For these reasons, we have made it our mission to create a supportive, affordable, effective, and comfortable radial nerve brace. Our Radial Nerve Palsy Splint positions your wrist and fingers into extension (also known as dorsiflexion), allowing motion while providing support after a radial nerve injury. As function returns, the splint facilitates the strengthening of your wrist extensors, helping speed up the healing process.

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