Comfy™ Hand/Wrist/Finger Orthosis

Our popular Comfy™ Hand Orthosis provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers. This is the ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand. Ambidextrous.
Manufacturer: Comfy Splints
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Available options

  • Soft straps accommodate sensitive skin as well as slight fluctuations in edema and fragile skin.
  • Choose either traditional Terrycloth or Headliner material for our removable, machine washable covers
  • Fully and easily adjustable at all joints to make a custom fit without the use of tools or heat guns.
  • Patented malleable frame allows for customized fit in a pre-fabricated splint.
  • Side wings prevent ulnar/radial deviation
Products specifications

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