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    Bilateral Sander 9" Square

    Bilateral sander is used to improve upper extremity strength and normal movement Increase the difficulty level by adding weights to the box Made of durable solid wood Easy-glide feet on the bottom
    Product #: 25083RP
    Bilateral Sander
    Made of durable wood. Plastic gliders on underside will not damage work surfaces. Five pairs of interchangeable handles included. Great for work simulation tasks. Latex free.
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    Moen Peened Stainless Steel Grab Bar,1-1/4" Diameter With 1-1/4" concealed screw

    Knee Elevator

    The Elevating Leg Wedge helps treat tired legs, phlebitis, varicose veins, lower back pain, swollen knees, and pelvic traction. It reduces stress on the spine and improves circulation. The contoured shape allows it to fit under the back of the knees.

    Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

    Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser ideal for improving wrist ROM, tracking, sequencing, and coordination. Exercise can be timed, forearm weights added and other variations for maximum benefit.

    Folding Bed Wedge Cushion

    Folding Bed Wedge Cushion adds an incline for your bed to comfortably support your head and chest in an upright, slightly angled position. If you are struggling with digestive or respiratory issues and discomfort - the Contour Folding Bed Wedge is the perfect bed wedge pillow solution for you! The support foam wedge allows your body to lay on a gradual incline while supporting your head, chest & lower back comfortably.

    Drive Padded Bathtub Transfer Bench

    The 1" aluminum frame is lightweight, and 1-1/2" padding provides additional comfort. The back reverses without tools. Extra-large suction cups provide added safety. Weight cap: 400 lb.