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    Kegel Exerciser with App

    Perifit is the revolutionary solution for pelvic healing and strength training. Part app, part exerciser, Perifit gives your Kegel exercises a modern upgrade using exciting gamified technology.
    Product #: 237714526PF

    Developed with top pelvic floor experts for people at every stage of life, fun video games work together with seven unique Kegel exercise programs to successfully strengthen and heal your pelvic floor. Visualize your contractions in action, challenge yourself to level up, and stay motivated with an interactive app to track and monitor your progress.

    You don’t have to live with the painful effects of incontinence anymore. With Perifit, experience the physical healing, emotional wellness, and other benefits that you deserve.

    • Two Sensors: Deep Sensor: Detects changes in abdominal pressure, aiding in monitoring your pelvic floor exercises, including detecting faulty contractions.
    • Superfical Sensor: The Perifit Care's surface sensor is essential for effective pelvic floor workouts, accurately detecting muscle contractions for precise training and better results.

    Take back your body and life with Kegel exercises and strength training that work!

    • Developed with top pelvic floor doctors
    • Clinically proven biofeedback technology
    • Innovative patented solution
    • Sleek 100% waterproof design
    • Recommended by female Health Professionals

    A pelic floor coach in your pocket

    • 6 personalized training programs
    • More than 20 motivating games
    • Progress tracking in 5 dimension
    • Monitor your contraction technique
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