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    Slim Twist Bidet Attachment

    Treat yourself to the ultimate bathroom upgrade with the Bio Bidet Slim Twist Bidet Attachment. Designed for an easy DIY install, this premium model offers superior cleaning results at an affordable price.
    Product #: 2314773BB

    Features: Dual nozzle bidet system, adjustable water pressure, convenient side controls, posterior wash, feminine wash, ergonomic design. Fits Round and Elongated toilets.

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    PreserveTech™ 360° Swivel Bath Chair

    Compact and customizable, the PreserveTech™ Swivel Bath Chair provides a safe transfer in and out of the tub for those with limited mobility or other disabilities. Featuring a 360° swivel and locking at every 90°, the chair pivots for increased comfort and reduces friction wounds. The seat can be adjusted from 15” to 22”, and the padded armrests can be raised out of the way or lowered and locked into place. Reduce friction wounds and increased safety during bathing transfers!