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    Pelvic Pro | Patented Uterus Prolapse Support Belt for Dropped Bladder or Cervix, Vulvar Varicosities & SPD

    Very few pelvic support belts for women with a prolapsed uterus, vulvar varicose veins, pubic symphysis, dropped bladder, etc. exist on the market today. And the products that do exist lack in comfort and fit. While these are often not easy conditions to discuss, they are much more common than you might think! Pelvic organ prolapse affects one in five women in the United States. For these reasons, we have made it our mission to create a supportive, effective, and comfortable pelvic brace.

    How Does the Prolapsed Uterus Girdle Work?

    Similar to the V-Brace by Fembrace or V2 Supporter, our pelvic truss undergarment was created to relieve aches and pains associated with pelvic floor dysfunction through innovative compression therapy. Designed to keep you active and on the go, the Pelvic Pro helps alleviate the feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom,” which can occur for several reasons.

    The V shape discreetly provides customizable compression to alleviate pressure, discomfort and swelling from conditions including:

    • Vulvar varicosities (varicose veins)
    • Pubic swelling
    • Perineal edema
    • Organ prolapse of bladder, uterus, cervix, or womb
    • Inguinal hernia
    • Genital lymphedema
    • SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)
    • Pelvic bone pain

    Worn before rising in the morning, compression provided by the Pelvic Pro helps reduce varicose veins and lymphedema by applying targeted pressure to reduce or restrict engorgement of the veins in the pubic region. It also promotes blood flow and redistributes fluid buildup to reduce swelling and pain. And by supporting the pelvic floor, this prenatal cradle tightly holds your uterus and bladder in the proper anatomical position, giving you the confidence to get back to life!

    What is Uterine Prolapse?

    Uterine, vaginal, or cervical prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles become too weak to support the uterus, causing it to slip down or fall out of the vagina.

    Who Gets Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

    Pelvic organ prolapse occurs more frequently in older women, especially white and Hispanic ladies. Younger females or girls of other racial/ethnic groups are statistically less likely to experience prolapse.

    What Causes a Prolapsed Uterus?

    Womb or uterine prolapse often happens to women during pregnancy but other risk factors include childbirth delivery, being overweight, old age, chronic coughing, constipation or straining during bowel movements, and repeated heavy lifting. A pregnancy belly band for prolapsed uterus support can help alleviate symptoms.

    Vaginal Prolapse Symptoms

    Signs and symptoms of prolapse and/or pelvic floor dysfunction (vary depending on the degree) but typically include:

    • Seeing a bulge or bump coming out of the vagina
    • Feeling “something coming out” of the vagina
    • A feeling of pressure, pain, aching, or fullness in the pelvis or groin, especially during sex or physical activity
    • Pelvic pressure that gets worse with standing or coughing or as the day goes on
    • Leaking urine (incontinence) or problems having a bowel movement
    • Problems inserting tampons
    • Moderate to severe prolapse may cause vaginal bleeding

    Key Features & Benefits of This Pubic Symphysis Belt

    1. Apply & Remove Without Hassle

      Slip the Pelvic Pro maternity support belt on in the morning, adjust the maternity belt and enjoy the rest of your day. Removable without hassle when you need to use the restroom throughout the day!

    2. Hand Tailored with Care

      Hand tailored with care by women for prenatal or post-pregnancy support and common medical conditions. Continue living an active life with our Pelvic Pro support belt. The straps are also made from elastic, with durable brass eyelets and extra-strength fasteners to ensure a stronghold. It is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and support.

    3. Fully Adjustable Strapping System

      The unique strap system provides easy adjustments, so you can achieve the perfect fit and level of compression. Simply move the straps between the two sets of eyelets located on the back of the waistband to adjust the width, making them either narrower (fitting like a thong) or wider (like bikini-style underwear).

    4. Breathable & Moisture Wicking Support Pad

      This pelvic girdle is designed to be a comfortable option for all-day wear. The waistband is made of woven elastic material for a stretchy, comfortable fit. The lightweight and airy, foam support pad is made from a double padded elastic fabric.

    5. Discreet Under Clothing

      The Pelvic Pro is soft and thin enough to be easily worn under clothes without being obvious. Tested and proven to be less noticeable than competitor products.

    6. Great for Pregnancy and Postpartum

      A lot can happen to your body during the postpartum period. For most vulvar-related conditions and pelvic floor support before or after the birth of a baby, midwives, doctors, and nurses recommend this prenatal cradle to women for maternity compression therapy.

      Vulvar varicosities are a result of an increase in blood volume while pregnant (blood volume increases by almost 50% by the third trimester), combined with naturally higher levels of estrogen and progesterone. These factors, among other things, can cause your veins to become distended and pop out as vulvar varicose veins.

      Looking for diastasis recti support after pregnancy? Check out our Diastasis Stomach Muscle Wrap!

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Pelvic Pro

    • What conditions/injuries does this brace treat? This brace is designed to assist in the treatment, relief, and recovery of uterine prolapse and a variety of other feminine problems and conditions including, vulvar varicose veins, genital lymphedema, perineal edema, incontinence, pelvic bone pain, or external prolapsed bladder or cervix.
    • How does it work? The prolapsed pelvic support applies targeted pressure to reduce or restrict engorgement of the veins in the pubic region. This compression also supports the pelvic floor, holding your uterus and bladder in the proper anatomical position to prevent the feeling that “everything is falling out.”
    • When should I wear it? This brace is designed to be a discreet and comfortable option for all-day wear. We strongly recommend applying the Pelvic Pro first thing in the morning to help prevent swelling and pain before it begins.
    • What is it made of? Woven elastic waistband, padded elastic support pad, and elastic strapping system with medical-grade fasteners.
    • Who can wear it? Designed by women for women.
    • What size should I buy? Using a soft/flexible tape measure, find the circumference around your waist, in inches. This medical support wrap accommodates waist circumferences up to 68 inches.
    • Can I return it? Yes, but once panty liner is removed, you cannot exchange or return.

    • Should I wear it under or over pants? It is soft and thin enough to be easily worn under clothes without being totally noticeable.
    • How do I put it on? Start with fasteners attached to waistband. Step into brace like underwear or pants. Position waistband at hips. Adjust tension strap to desired level and attach fasteners. Strap width can be adjusted by moving between narrow and wide eyelets, depending on your preference.
    • How do I adjust the brace? Simply move the straps between the two sets of eyelets located on the back of the waistband to adjust the width, making them either narrower (fitting like a thong) or wider (like bikini-style underwear).
    • Washing Instructions: Machine wash on delicate in cold water with mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry completely before reapplying.
    • Other features:
      • Made in the USA
      • Pat. No. 11,376,154
      • A non-invasive alternative to hysterectomy and prolapse repair surgery
      • Offers prenatal and postpartum support
      • Handcrafted with the highest quality of supportive fabrics and materials
    • Color: Black
    • Sizing
      • Small: 26- 31"
      • Medium: 31 - 37"
      • Large: 37 - 47"
      • XLarge: 47-57"