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    Cooling Device

    When pelvic tissues are inflamed they need to be iced or cooled, just like any other joint or muscle.
    Product #: 2547FC

    Unique design cools both the internal and external tissues, and allows you to easily hold, insert, and remove the device in order to provide relief for pelvic discomfort. Use any time you are experiencing pelvic discomfort like swelling, itching, burning, or pain caused by:

    • Yeast or bacterial infections

    • Vaginal child delivery

    • Period of increased sexual intimacy

    • Sexual intimacy in post-menopausal people

    • Hemorrhoids

    • Patients taking certain chemotherapies

    • Interstitial cystitis

    What’s Included

    • Cooling Device

      An ice pack specially designed for pelvic floor relief.

      Reusable Pouch

      This pouch helps keep your pack clean while sitting in your freezer.

      Instructions for Use

      Simple, easy to follow instructions.

    How to Use

    • Step 1: Wash

      Wash with soap and water. Dry. Place in the pouch provided upside down, so liquid is in the uppermost part of the device

      Step 2: Freeze

      Place pouch in the freezer. Pak is ready for use when completely frozen, which can take up to 2 hours.

      Step 3: Insert

      Apply a quarter sized amount of lubricating gel to the rounded tip of the device. Insert for 15-20 mins.

      Step 4: Repeat the Process

      Wash and refreeze your Pak after every use. Wait at least 1 hour before completing Step 3 again.

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