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    Gym Pack Deluxe

    A great value bundle, our new Gym Pack Deluxe packages together six pairs of our most popular aids to unlock a whole range of gym equipment for you, plus a stylish gym bag to store them all in.

    The pack includes:

    • A Pair of General Purpose gripping aids Left and Right (ideal for holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
    • A Pair of Looped exercise aids (designed for solo use, to easily slide on and off your exercise machine)
    • A Pair of D-Ring aids (designed for use on cable and pulley machines)
    • A Pair of Hook aids (designed for closed-ended bars, such as pull-up bars)
    • A Pair of Heavy Use Gripping Wraps (providing comfort and grip when lifting free weights)
    • A Pair of Thumb Protectors (for comfort when lifting weights)
    • Stylish drawstring Gym Bag with “Get a Grip” slogan*.

    Our gym packs are available in small, standard or large gripping aids sizes.

    Size Guide

    Use this size guide to find out which gym pack/gym pack deluxe will best fit your hand and wrist.

    A = circumference of narrowest part of wrist
    B = length from crease line (where hand joins wrist) to tip of middle finger

    A: Wrist
    135mm – 150mm145mm – 185mm180mm – 220mm
    B: Wrist to Middle Finger
    135mm – 175mm175mm – 210mm195mm – 280mm

    (n.b. measurements are approximate)

    Rough size guide by age:

    Over 5s and petite adultsAdultsThose with larger hands

    Please note that these measurements indicate which General Purpose gripping aid will fit you. The Looped, D-Rings* and Hook* aids are available in small/standard and large only.

    *Gym pack deluxe only.

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