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    Virtually Hands Free Mousing System, Right-Handed, Onyx

    Ergonomically Designed Mouse Aids Mobility Issues
    Product #: 2807786MX
    • Macintosh and Windows compatible
    • Ergonomically correct
    • Stops Repetitive Stress Injuries
    • Built especially for those with mobility issues.
    • Updates and tech-line help available

    The Virtually Hands Free Mousing System is a bundle of the E-Quill AirO2bic Mouse and Nib (PC) or McNib (Mac) click-less software. Clicks are performed by pausing over an active part of the screen. When the user-selectable pause time (default value 0.5 seconds) is exceeded a click is fired. New users typically reduce their click count by 90% almost immediately. The numbers of clicks users perform and those that the software automatically performs are displayed. So if you click 5,000 times a day, Nib will click 4,500 times and you only 500 times. Once users are familiar, it typically performs 95%+ and those motivated by not having a choice to click, 100%. It is optimized for word processing and all-night web browsing (take regular breaks if you do) without the need to click a button.
    Technical Information: All mouses are Windows/Macintosh compatible and updates are available at no extra charge via website. Additional information is included with an extensive guidance manual and if needed, further assistance can be obtained by calling a free tech-line.

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