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    Dycem Non-Slip Self Adhesive Strips, Package of 3 – 16" x 1.125" each

    Dycem Non-Slip Self-Adhesive Strips
    Product #: 26620NC

    Create a customized, non-slip grip on household objects.

    • Simply peel away the adhesive backing and adhere to improve grip on cutlery, pens, etc.
    • Self-adhesive Dycem® is available in 3 different varieties and mulitple colors. Yellow is ideal for people with poor vision.
    • Available in both blue and yellow and are sold in packages of three.
    • Dycem® is non-toxic and can be cleaned with soapy water to retain its properties.
    • Not effective when wet and must dry before use.

    Note: Repeated washing will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

    This item is not returnable.
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