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    Skil-Care Foam Elevators- Foam Leg Elevator

    These multifunctional elevators can be placed between the thighs, knees or ankles. They align the legs while relaxing the spine and improving circulation. Can also be used to raise the lower legs or to off-load the heels for prevention of pressure sores. Covered with a soft, lauderable micro fiber fabric, nonslip bottom. Dimensions: 18"L x 8"D x 5”H.
    Product #: 281510619SC

    This Foam Leg/Thigh bed positioner is covered in soft cozy cloth and can be placed under the ankles or thighs.

    • Off-loads the heels for prevention
      of pressure sores

    • Aligns the leg and thighs

    • Covered with a soft launderable
      Cozy Cloth fabric

    This item is not returnable.
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