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    Patient Turning Device Bed Medical Turning Device

    Patient Leg Positioning Assist Device to Help Turn Elderly in Bed
    Product #: 21564654SC
    • Quality Materials: This turning device has a soft surface to prevent abrasion of the skin and a high-density sponge interior that will not deform with long-term use.
    • One Size: The length of the product is 18.7" and the width 15.55", and because the fabric is stretchy, it is suitable for most people.
    • Bed Turning Device: Ideal for helping older people and patients with various mobility problems to turn over, the high legged wedge relieves discomfort and pressure on the knees, hips and lower back.
    • Easy to Use: The medical turning device is first placed flat under the leg and then the upper part of the knee is placed in the two grooves of the product to flip it. The perfect home and hospital helper!
    • Multifunctional Positioning Device: Enables people who need it to lift their legs for comfortable support while resting and also improves circulation and relieves pain, swelling and fatigue.
    • 20”W x 19”H


    The U-shaped base and curved interior slot design helps with turning the patients body in order to prevent bedsores and muscle atrophy caused by prolonged bed rest. Keeps the lower extremities separated and in a stable position. Clinician’s can use this device to check for pressure sores, change patient’s absorbency pads or for temporary re-positioning.

    • Easy to operate; reduces the burden on families and caregivers.

    • Medical Grade Exterior is made of high-quality waterproof wipe clean fabric,

      which is comfortable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.

    • The interior is a high-density foam, the foam is soft, supportive, and long-lasting

      provide perfect feel of comfort and support.

    • U-Shaped Arc Design: Allows for easy rotation with decreased force exertion from

      the clinician.

      Easy to Use

      With the patient on the bed, place the turning device under the patient’s leg/knee area, with a hand holding the handle, and the other hand holding the patient’s waist or back area turn the patient’s body towards you. To hold the patient in a turned position, slide the strap through the handle and secure the strap to the guardrail to stabilize the patient’s body.

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