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    Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

    Wiesner Enuresis Clamp design is for the treatment of male incontinence. This male incontinence device is an external medical device used to control urine leaks. It is a compression clamp that works by placing pressure on the urethra to prevent the unintended flow of urine. Constructed with an ABS plastic frame and two medical-grade silicone rubber cushions, this urinary device is durable and comfortable. This penile clamp allows men to live an active lifestyle to enjoy golf, swimming, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.
    Product #: 246875VM

    TOP Features:

    • ✓ Male Incontinence Protection
    • ✓ Ergonomic Design
    • ✓ Durable
    • ✓ Effective Leak Security
    • ✓ Supports an Active Lifestyle
    • ✓ Adjustable Settings
    • ✓ Soft Silicone Foam Cushions
    • ✓ Discreet
    • ✓ Easy to Use
    • ✓ Easy to Clean

    Wiesner Clamp works by placing the penis between the two cushions. A hump designed in the under part of the plastic frame concentrates pressure on the urethra to control urine flow. The upper part of the frame is designed to allow blood circulation. The pressure is adjustable to meet the individual needs of incontinence patients. The closing mechanism is adjustable to accommodate 4 different levels of pressure to achieve the proper amount of compression to prevent urine leakage without discomfort.

    Product Features & Benefits

    • Developed for Male Incontinence.
    • Designed to Provide Blood Circulation.
    • Ergonomic Design.
    • Designed for Durability.
    • Save Money on Adult Incontinence Briefs.
    • Soft Silicone Cushions Offer Patient Comfort.
    • Variable Pressure Adjustment.
    • Offers User Confidence.
    • Provides Comfort All Day.
    • Supports Active Lifestyle
    • Adjustable for Comfort with Four Settings
    • May Be Worn During Any Activity
    • Provides Confidence Against Leaks

    Product Specifications

    • Width: 1.5 Inch
    • Length: 3 Inch
    • Thickness: 0.5 Inch
    • Weight: 0.65 Ounce
    • Application: Male Incontinence.
    • Construction: ABS Plastic & Silicone Foam.

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