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    Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis

    The Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis includes all the standard features of the Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthosis plus the added feature of thumb support. This splint positioins the thumb into the abduction without stretching the thenar eminence as do the traditional "C" Bar opposition hand splints.

    The Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis is now available in two cover options: the original, soft, plush terry fabric or the more smooth broadcloth fabric. Both options still include the same Comfy Splint features on the inside.

    Features of the Comfy Hand Orthosis: 

    • Multilayered softness
    • Ideal for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist, hand, finger flexion
    • Absorbent, washable covers and straps prevent skin breakdown
    • Easy to custom fit, no need for tools or heat guns
    • Side wings preven ulnar/radial deviation
    • Soft straps accomodate slight fluctuations in edema and fragile skin 
    • Splint insert cleans easily with warm water and antibacterial soap 
    • Does not stretch Thenar Eminence
    • Resists strong flexion Synergy
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