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    Actimove® Thumb Stabilizer

    Pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Comfort and good breathability through neoprene-free performance material. Stabilization of the thumb through two integrated anatomically shaped stays. Comfortable to wear because of premium quality soft material. Firm and adjustable wrist support from powerful elastic strap. Full finger movement and hand dexterity from special open design. Only available in the United States of America and Canada

    Fields of application:

    • Mild to moderate strains and sprains (e.g., skier´s thumb)
    • Inflammation
    • Onset of osteoarthritis
    • Thumb pain from repetitive motion activities, like texting or gaming
    S/M 5½″ - 7½″
    L/XL 7″ - 9″
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    ProCare Thumb Splint

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