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    Side Cutter Fork

    Dual-purpose fork has a semi-sharp, curved left edge to make it easier for users to cut up softer foods without the use of a knife

    • Straight handle and lightweight design
    • Fork is made from high quality stainless steel
    • Utensil is meant for right handed users
    • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 180 degrees

    Side Cutter Fork provides two tools in one. This fork with a knife edge makes meal time easier. Conveniently cut food with the semi-sharp edge of the fork. Unlike other cutlery, this combo utensil makes meal time simple. Anyone experiencing limited hand mobility will benefit. Restore the ability to eat independently. The curved edge allows for softer foods to be cut up without the use of a knife. For example steamed vegetables, pastries, pasta, and more! The fork’s overall measurement is 7″ long, and the fork tines measure 2.5″ long. Made from high quality stainless steel that will fit perfectly along side your other silverware. Therefore making this a discreet yet effective option when it comes to mealtime solutions. The lightweight design of this side cutter fork gives the user the same functionality of traditional silverware, but with the added benefit of the semi-sharp edge for cutting. The blade in only semi-sharp because this helps eliminate the danger of cutting oneself. It should be noted that these forks are dishwasher safe. Available for both left and right handed individuals.

    ⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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