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    Canvas Wrist Brace

    Canvas Wrist Brace Recommended when wrist immobilization and full hand function are desired. Contouring provides full finger function and palmar spread. Removable and adjustable palmar stay offers maximum support. Generous thumb opening provides freedom of movement. Durable canvas for maximum wear and comfort. Adjusts easily with loop & lock closure. Length 8". Latex free
    • Designed to stabilize, immobilize, and protect the wrist without limiting thumb rotation
    • Brace fits at the distal palmar crease permitting normal finger function
    • Durable polyester outer layer with open-cell foam core and soft nylon lining
    • Removable contoured-aluminum palmar stay is malleable for customization of wrist extension
    • Non-removable plastic dorsal stay supports the wrist and reduces rotation
    • Loop-and-lock straps with hook and loop closure for quick adjustment of fit and compression
    • Soft, stretchable stockinette panel for easy slip-on/slip-off application and removal
    • Optional cold-therapy cryo pad insert sold separately
    • Brace length 8”
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