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    M-Brace Air Wrist Splint

    INDICATIONS: • Traumatic pathologies: distortions, carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis. • Degenerative pathologies: root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis. • Rehab phase: offers a good post-trauma and post-op support. • Available in left or right, Regular or Extra. Regular is measured by wrist circumference of 5" - 7.8", Xtra is 7.8" - 10.6". This splint offers no range of motion.

    This Wrist Splint has been designed and produced as a support and protective device for muscular damages, as well as for tendon and joint injuries either caused by trauma, stress or excessive fatigue.
    Available in right or left for a perfect fit and superior comfort.
    For the development of this device, two special fabrics have been matched:
    • The inside fabric is made from a soft breathable microfiber, extremely comfortable to the skin.
    • The fabric on the outside, made with a particular and dense nylon mesh forming microscopic and resistant loops, allows the Velcro to securely fasten on the surface. Due to this specific construction, a vast range of closing positions are available, depending on the tension desired. The two alluminium stays, pre-shaped and moldable for custom fitting, can be removed according the need of immobilization of the patient.
    This Wrist Splint is manufactured in accordance with the primary requirements set under the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and in accordance with the Italian law (LD 24th February 1997, No. 46) introducing the same EU Directive.

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