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    Squeeze - Ulnar Compression Wrap

    Product #: 281545946HW
    • Treats ulnar sided wrist pain with focal point compression

    • Provides focal point compression to avoid tourniquet effect of circumferential wraps
    • Perforated to let moisture escape
    • Easy application
    • Universal; fits both the right and left wrist

    Through comfortable gel buttressing and compression, the UAB helps stabilize the DRUJ, decreasing pain and increasing function.

    Treating ulnar side wrist pain requires:

    • Compression without constriction

    • Comfort for compliance Gel pad against the Ulnar Styloid


    • TFCC injury

    • Ulnar impaction syndrome

    • DRUJ dysfunction

    • Ulnar sided wrist pain

    • Ulnar abutment

    • Post-operative support

    Wrist sprain (i.e. following distal radius ORIF)

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