Caresia Glove

The Caresia Glove eliminates the need for traditional multi-layer bandaging. Just slide on the glove and wrap with short stretch bandages for desired compression (bandages not included). This gives you more time for manual lymphatic drainage and other activities.
Manufacturer: Solaris MED
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The glove helps evenly distribute compression pressure to avoid hot spots and sores. It’s ideal for people with finger swelling and tissue induration such as post-surgical patients and those with lymphedema, edema, or arthritis. Glove has individual finger spacers and is gentle on the skin.

Size Guide

  • Small: 15-19 cm palm girth, 13.5-16 cm wrist girth
  • Medium: 19-23 cm palm girth, 16-22 cm wrist girth
  • Large: 23-28 cm palm girth, 22-28 cm wrist girth

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