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    Wheelchair Repair Tool Kit

    Wheelchair Repair Tool Kit

    Swirlygig II Cup Holder

    Accommodates most common beverage containers, and puts an end to finding a convenient place for your beverage. Built to fit on approximately 1" rail of walkers or wheelchairs. Chrome-plated steel with a vinyl-covered tip. Latex free.

    Oxygen Tank Holders - D & E Tanks

    PVC-coated, heavy-duty nylon is strong, waterproof and lightweight. Top and bottom straps with buckles fully adjust to most wheelchair sizes. Extra-long straps position tank off-center to avoid contact with client’s head or back. Navy blue. Latex free.

    Kinsman Cage Cup Holder w/ Insulated Jacket

    Integrates a stainless steel cage design and a clamping system that allows it to be securely held on wheelchair armrests, crutches, walkers, or other rail type of frames. Insulated Jacket color is black.

    Invacare Oxygen Holder Package Assembly

    Invacare Oxygen Holder Package Assembly for 9000XT wheelchair.

    Invacare Economy Hemi Elevating Legrests (Non-Padded)

    Invacare Economy Hemi Elevating Legrests (Non-Padded) Invacare Footrests and Legrests - Group 1

    Cup Holder for Rolling Walkers, Transport Chairs, and Wheelchairs

    The Deluxe Cup Holder attaches easily to all walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs, adjusts to hold different sized items, and folds up when not in use.

    Composite Hemi Elevating Padded Legrests

    Composite Hemi Elevating Padded Legrests Item Description: Composite Hemi Elevating Padded Legrests


    For use with Drive Sentra, Sentra EC, Sentra Heavy Duty, Sentra Reclining and Winnie Series wheelchairs. Pair.

    Active Controls Power Buddy

    The PowerBuddy is a handy accessory for today's mobility user who carries a cell phone, GPS, or other electronics and wants to make sure they stay charged while they are out and about.

    One Handed Brake for Maxi, Legacy, and Futura Rollators

    One Handed Brake for Maxi, Legacy, and Futura Rollators

    Water Bottle and Cell Phone Holder

    The Sportaid Water Bottle & Cell Phone Holder is back! More than just a Water Bottle & Cell Phone Holder, you can keep your phone, drinks, pens, and more at once, and all securely fitted to your wheelchair, walker, crutches, scooters, or handbikes with three rotating velcro straps. The Water Bottle and Cell Phone Holder is built like wetsuit: Resilient, flexibly, and waterproof. That makes it great for wallets and IDs as well. It's great-looking and adjusts to fit most bottle sizes. Great product great price.

    Oxygen Tank Bag for Wheelchair

    The Airlift Oxygen Tank Carrier makes transporting your oxygen cylinder easy and comfortable. It includes a clear vinyl window to conveniently check cylinder's contents gauge without taking the cylinder out of the bag. Can hold D or E oxygen tanks.

    Plastic Cup Holder for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, & Power Chairs

    Our original Cupholder! Holds up to a 44 oz. beverage, and contains a slotted opening to accomodate mug handles.

    Wheel Lock Extension for Cruiser III, Rebel, Silver Sport 1 and Silver Sport 2

    The 8" Wheelchair Transport Chair Brake Handle Extension by Drive Medical makes reaching the handle brake easy and convenient. The extension brings the brake lever closer to the patient, and provides more power to the brake setting. Wheel Lock Extension for Cruiser III, Rebel, Silver Sport 1 and Silver Sport 2

    SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board

    Wheelchair boards provide the user with a flat sitting surface and eliminates the hammock effect associated with traditional wheelchair seats. Made of durable plywood with smooth finish and rounded corners to prevent chipping. These wheelchair boards provide an excellent sitting surface when combined with a pressure relief cushion.

    Slip-On Leg Bolsters, Pair

    When the wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Sharp metal and fragile skin do not mix well. The proper way to protect the legs from wheelchair leg rest brackets is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Leg Bolsters.

    Complete Feet, 18" Wide

    Unique heel cut-out eliminates contact with the heel, preventing pressure points and reduces risk of skin breakdown.

    Wheelchair Oxygen Carrier

    This versatile carrier features an adjustable snap for holding either “D” or “E” cylinder. The single carrier features a design made of durable, lightweight nylon while the dual carrier is made up of a lightweight vinyl mesh and offers a convenient storage pocket for items like magazines and nasal masks.

    Ribcap Iggy Protective Hat: Brown

    Wearing a helmet doesn't have to be unsightly and uncomfortable. The Iggy Protective Hat from Ribcap is a stylish, beanie-style hat that doubles as soft head protection. RibCap's signature foam protectors inside the hat offer high shock absorption and help protect your head against falls, bumps, and other head injuries, while the breathable wool and layer of Coolmax provide plenty of circulation to the head and wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Perfect for outdoor sports, hiking, and for those with seizures, Epilepsy, Autism, and more.

    Drive Adult Kanga Folding Tilt-in Space Wheel Chair Accessories

    Additional/ replacement accessories for Drive Adult Kanga Folding Tilt-in Space Wheel Chair. Choose from seat cushion, backrest, footrest (pair), Multi Axis Headrest Hardware, Multi Fit Headrest Pad

    Invacare Wheel Lock Extension Handle Kit 8"

    Invacare Wheel Lock Extension Handle Kit 8", Black

    Padded Cushion Belt with buckle Closure

    This cushion belt provides safe positioning control in a wheelchair or bed.

    Wheelchair Safety Strap

    Wheelchair Safety Strap

    Wheelchair Rail Mount

    The QuickClick universal rail bracket allows for mounting directly to the chair providing a solid foundation for mounting. Works with Permobile, Quantum, and similar. Features the QuickClick system. Includes mounting hardware.

    Multi-Use Table

    The Lexan Multi-Table has many functions.

    Handicup, Black

    HandiCup is a wheelchair cup holder attachment that works for people with full or limited hand function, so that they can successfully and independently access a beverage on the go! It’s 100% proudly designed and made in Canada.

    Base Model Weatherbreaker Canopy™- Gray


    Wheelchair Brake Lock Extension 9", Pair of 2

    Rehabilitation Advantage 9" Wheelchair Brake Handle Extensions can be installed easily. Simply remove the existing rubber knobs on your wheelchair brakes and slide the extensions into place. These extensions allow wheelchair users to independently lock their brakes. These extensions add 9" to the preexisting wheelchair brakes, and depending on the orientation of your wheelchair brake, these extensions may add additional width to your chair. Safely and conveniently lock your wheelchair into place without straining. These extensions allow for more controlled braking and reduce the chance of injury from exiting an unlocked wheelchair. Unlike other competitors, these Brake Handle Extensions are sold as a pair. Feel free to conveniently use both, or store the other away for a back-up. Purchase yours today!

    NexStride Cueing Device

    NexStride helps to re-establish the connection between the brain and body. It uses green light and sound signals to achieve this.

    DRIVE Anti-tippers, 1 pair for M3 or Cruiser III & X4

    **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0003**

    Skin Tear Prevention Kit

    When wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Arms can be at risk for skin tears too, especially if the skin is fragile. Our skin tear prevention kit comes with the following: 2 WHEELCHAIR LEG BOLSTERS - 4" D X 6" LONG 2 WHEELCHAIR ARM BOLSTERS - 4" D X 10" LONG The proper way to protect sensitive legs and arms from skin tears is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Bolsters.

    Oxygen Tank Holder (Fits D & E Tanks)

    This Oxygen Cylinder Holder affixes either one or two oxygen cylinders to a wheelchair.

    Urinary Drainage Bag Holder 13"W x 8"H

    The Urinary Drainage Bag Holder is designed to conceal the contents from public view while maintaining residents dignity.

    Safe-t mate® Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device- Anti-Rollback (Fits 16" - 20" Wheelchairs)

    The SM2-3 prevents a wheelchair from rolling back by grabbing the tires as the user attempts to sit or stand. However, the use of high strength plastics and robotic welding has allowed us to add more user-friendly features without increasing the weight or cost! The result, the SM2-3 fits even more chairs, has greater adjustability and increased comfort.

    Chair Sensor Pad

    This economical chair sensor pad is compatible with any of the Pro Series alarm units.

    Skil-Care Smoker's Apron

    Cannot be burned by lit cigar, cigarette or match. New fire retardant fiberglass material will not crack or develop pinholes. Completely covers chest and lap. Wipe clean (not machine washable). Non-restrictive and latex free. 36"W x 39"L. By completely covering the chest and lap, the apron prevents users to be burned by a lit cigar, cigarette, or match. An easy wipe-clean material, the fire retardant fiberglass material will not develop pinholes or crack. Loading...

    Econo-Footrest Extender Leg Pad with Footrest. Fits 16"–18" Wheelchair, 1" Pad

    An economical device that attaches to the wheelchair footrest for prevention of foot drop and feet from slipping behind the footrest.

    Lift-Off Lap Cushion

    This easily removable non restrictive lap cushion provides wheelchair positioning assistance.

    Skin Guard Leg Protector

    This soft neoprene wrap protects against abrasions on any cylindrical piping such as a wheelchair leg rest.

    Universal Rear Anti-Tippers

    The innovative mounting style on these rear anti-tippers eliminates piles of mismatched anti-tippers because they fit 3/4" , 7/8" or 1" tubing. The tippers are infinitely height adjustable and feature 2" wheels. Sold in pairs.

    Reclining Wheelchair Backrest Size: 18"W x 24"H

    Economically converts any standard wheelchair to a reclining back wheelchair

    Omni Tray Cup Holder

    The Cup Holder Accessory from Stander enable you to easily enjoy your favotite drink without leaving your chair. The easily accessible Cup Holder Accessory attaches to the side of your tray and can fit any sized drink 3″ in diameter or smaller. The Cup Holder Accessory is compatible with the Stander Omni Tray and Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table, and attaches easily by screwing into the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the tray.

    Manual Wheelchair Cover- 38" x 7" x 44"

    Dimensions: 38”H x 7”W x 44”L

    Anti-Tippers for K1, K2, K7, and Reclining Wheelchairs

    These Anti-Tippers help keep patients safe by preventing the wheelchair from tipping over in the case of it being thrown off-balance. They are compatible with our K1, K2, K7 and Reclining wheelchairs.

    Swing-Away Footrests

    For use with :Blue Streak, Silver Sport 1, Silver Sport 2, Cruiser III, Cirrus IV, Viper, Viper Plus GT, Reclining Wheelchairs, M3 Wheelchairs

    Wheel Lock Extensions 6" 9000 XDT Wheelchair

    for 9000 XDT Wheelchair 20"X20" Seat Height 2900XDTINV

    Safe-T-Mate Wheelchair Push Handle Extenders

    Pair of easy to attach extension handles help make pushing a wheelchair easier.

    5″ (12.7 cm) Wheels for Front and 2″ (5.1 cm) Swivel Casters with Brakes for Rear

    EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Wide WX12 and Accessories

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide WX12 --CUSTOM Experience the Next Generation of Lightweight and Fold-able Mobility Aids -- A beautifully designed and extremely well crafted frame for comfortable riding supporting users up to 330 pounds. We took our regular Deluxe Model and widened the distance between the arm rests over 2 inches, which provides added comfort for heavier users. The WX12 Model is equipped with 7.5" Front Wheels and 12" Rear Wheels. It has the Quickest & Easiest Folding and Unfolding action ever. It literally will unfold in one second. The Back Support Reclines in 5 positions, for maximum comfort. The motors have a patented Quick Release feature to split the chair into 3 pieces, with the frame weighing approx. 37 lbs and the motors (2) with wheels each weighing approx. 13 lbs. This makes the EZ Lite Cruiser the Lightest and Most Portable Foldable Mobility Aid ever.

    Lateral Stabilizer Armrest Bolster - 5" w/ Sheepskin Cover 16"L & 5"D

    Covered cylindrical foam cushions that can be mounted to most armrests to reduce unwanted lateral leaning.

    ADA Snap Lap Desk

    A small attache case that opens to contain your papers, pens etc., yet doubles as a desk. Use with a non-slip surface for keeping control of slippery objects. No more juggling items on your lap!

    Calf Strap Snap-On – Bodypoint Aeromesh for 18" (46cm) wide chair [not compatible with Z7FB]

    Bodypoint Aeromesh Calf Strap This uniquely designed snap-on/off calf strap can be easily installed and removed.

    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment, Solid, Black

    In seconds it quickly and securely clamps to the solid footrest of your rigid-frame manual chair or any folding chair using the Freewheel folding wheelchair adaptor. Once attached, the FreeWheel gently lifts your front casters off the ground turning you into a 3-wheel, all-terrain chair. With the FreeWheel you can safely push over surfaces that would typically be impossible! Instead of struggling or popping "wheelies" to go over grass, curbs, or down dirt trails, you can now safely push over almost any obstacle. Not only does the FreeWheel make it easier to push yourself, it makes it easier for anyone who is pushing you and you'll feel much more secure being pushed.

    Curve Lap Tray Bag

    Innovative, award winning travel bag combined with a versatile lap desk, with adjustable, easy to attach straps for wheelchair users.

    Replacement Drive Arm Pads & Desk Armrest

    Replacement arm pads for Drive transport wheelchairs and the Drive M3 Wheelchair Quick Release Treaded +Tire **NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C10G23D0020**

    Invacare Hemi Footrest with Aluminum Footplates and Heel Loops

    Invacare hemi footrests with aluminum footplates and heel loops. (1 Pack, 1 pair). Swing away foot rests make transfers easier and the footplates with heel loops provide comfort and support to individuals during transport. Invacare Hemi Footrest, with swing away aluminum footplates and heel loops. Each purchase come with 1 pair of Hemi-Footrests that are recommended for Tracer IV or Invacare 9000 Wheelchairs. Swing away footplates conveniently swing away clearing the foot space allowing the user to stand.

    Wheel Lock Extension for Sentra EC, Sentra HD, Sentra Reclining, Sentra EC Extra-Wide, Cougar, Cirrus IV

    STDS801 Wheel Lock Extension for Sentra EC, Sentra HD, Sentra Reclining, Sentra EC Extra-Wide, Cougar, Cirrus IV *NOT FOR M3*

    Bodypoint Ergonomic U-Shaped Joystick Handle With Flex-Shaft

    Bodypoint's ergonomic U-shaped joystick handle with flex-shaft has a curved shape and waterfall edge for a form-fitting fit.

    Wheelchair Tires- Red

    Semi-slick tread design features a flat center with knobs on the outside, making this a great wheelchair tire for going from one terrain to the other without having to change the tires. No matter if you're on pavement, grass, dirt or snow, this tire can handle it!

    Sure-Grip Tri-Pin Spinner Knobs w/ Spinner Knob Mounting Base

    When you depend on your hands for braking and accelerating your vehicle, you can allow both hands to be monopolized by your steering wheel. The solution is Sure-Grip Tri-Pin Spinner Knobs. Sure-Grip Tri-Pin Spinner Knobs allow for secure one-handed steering for drivers of limited grasp and/or wrist tension. Make all the tough turns and keep a hand free for gas and brakes with Sure-Grip Tri-Pin Spinner Knobs.

    CUSTOM Ratcheting Padded “Click Strap” 8", (2) Firm-0.75″X7 Ladder Straps,– HIGH RELEASE 0.75″ SILVER Thermo Plastic Buckles – BLACK/SILVER ANTI-ROTATION BASE

    Ratchet Padded Strap with 2 Ratcheting Buckles - 8" 0.75″X7 Ladder Straps × 2 FIRM 0.75″ SILVER Thermo Plastic Ratcheting Buckles – HIGH RELEASE: BLACK/SILVER ANTI-ROTATION BASE extension length- 7.8

    Desk Armrest LEFT

    For Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

    Amputee Adapters and Limb Support

    Fits National Contract M3 QRT Wheelchairs and Vipers Amputee Adapter STDS828GT Limb Support WASR and WASL

    One-Arm Drive

    Allows wheelchair to be propelled with one arm Compatible with Drive Viper GT 16", 18" and 20" (not 22")

    Articulating Elevating Legrests

    Fits Drive Wheelchairs: M3 QRT National Contract Chair Also fits Sentra EC, Sentra HD, Polyfly, Viper, and Viper Plus GT, Blue Streak

    Wheelchair Armrest/ Armpads (sold individually)

    Replacement armpads for transport wheelchair. 2T2700NKH and 2T2700KH

    Gumball or Head Switch on Easy Flex Mount

    Choose the one that fits your needs! We’ve added our popular Gumball or Head Switch to our Easy Flex Mount. Bend the flexible arm and position the switch anywhere.

    Super Hemi Kit

    Super Hemi Kit Viper / Viper GT, 1kit/cs

    Wheelchair Side Bag

    Perfect Fits Standard Wheelchair. This armrest bag can be mounted inside or outside of electric wheelchair, rollater, scooters, mobility chairs, walkers and rollators.

    Wheelchair Dual Oxygen Tank Carrier for D & E Cylinders

    Wheelchair Dual Oxygen Tank Carrier for D & E Cylinders

    Drive LegRest Lock - Tinnerman Nuts

    Can also be called Legrest Lock, Riggings lock, Riggings Nuts, Camlock clips. Compliant with the VA National Contract M3 QRT Wheelchair These are nuts screwed on chair with supplied allen wrench to prevent riggings from being removed from wheelchair.

    Small Vertical Wheelchair Bag

    Quokka Small Vertical Mobility Bag , Durable, waterproof, zippered personal storage bag.

    Large Saddle

    A mid-size armrest bag that won't interfere with mid-wheel drive tires. Great for carrying books, binders, and other personal belongings.

    Playmaker Protective Helmet, XXL

    Playmaker Protective Helmet, XXL

    Swing Away Footrest

    Riggings have extra-large, heavy-duty, aluminum foot plates that provide maximum support, are attractive and crack proof. (Must be purchased separately - Item 2PHSFDM (Swing Away Footrest)



    Wheelchair Accessories