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    FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment, Solid, Black

    In seconds it quickly and securely clamps to the solid footrest of your rigid-frame manual chair or any folding chair using the Freewheel folding wheelchair adaptor. Once attached, the FreeWheel gently lifts your front casters off the ground turning you into a 3-wheel, all-terrain chair. With the FreeWheel you can safely push over surfaces that would typically be impossible! Instead of struggling or popping "wheelies" to go over grass, curbs, or down dirt trails, you can now safely push over almost any obstacle. Not only does the FreeWheel make it easier to push yourself, it makes it easier for anyone who is pushing you and you'll feel much more secure being pushed.
    Product #: 23547LS

    The FreeWheel comes with all you need to set it up on your chair. The initial installation may take approximately 15 min., after that the FreeWheel clamps on in seconds. When you are not using the FreeWheel you can store it on the perch on the back of your chair.

    Standard Frame (footplate height 2"- 4-3/4") and Standard Pneumatic Tire (air tire)

    • Width:3.50 (in)
    • Height:13.50 (in)
    • Depth:22.00 (in)

    How To Order A Custom Freewheel, Or Folding Chair Adaptor

    Folding Wheelchairs - Compatibility

    Tubing Compatibility - Round horizontal tubing may be 1" or 1-1/8" in diameter

    Width between horizontal mounting tubing -  13" to 19"

    Side tubing height for mounting: 2 footrests - 6" to 16"

    Single footrest - 10" to 16"

    Motion Composites wheelchairs, namely the Helio C2 and A7, have a wider diameter bar and will need a Motion Composites Folding Wheelchair adaptor, available in the options above.

    Custom Frames
    Standard wheelchair frames have a distance of 4-3/4" from the top of the footrest to the floor. If your chair has a greater distance, please choose the correct measurements from the option dropdown above.

    How to choose the right custom option:

    • If your footplate is from 4 1/2"-6 1/2" from the top of the footrest to the floor, you would choose 5 1/2 (freewheel)
    • If your footplate is from 5 1/2"-7 1/2" from the top of the footrest to the floor, you would choose 6 1/2 (freewheel)
    • If your footplate is from 6 1/2"-8 1/2" from the top of the footrest to the floor, you would choose 7 1/2 (freewheel)
    • If your footplate is from 7 1/2"-9 1/2" from the top of the footrest to the floor, you would choose 8 1/2 (freewheel)

    *For a child, pick the footplate distance that allows some room for growth. 
    *If you have a folding wheelchair, disregard footplate measurements and refer to the folding wheelchair compatibility list above

    Flip Up Foot Plate

    If your chair has a flip-up foot plate, you will need to convert the footplate to an angle-adjustable footplate by purchasing one from the manufacturer. But, fear not! Living Spinal can make that process easy for you. If you also have a TiLite chair, simply select TiLite angle adjustable conversion kit in the options, type in your wheelchair's serial number, and it includes everything you need to get the Freewheel to work. If you have a brand other than Tilite, give us a ring at 619-810-0010 and we'll help you get the angle adjustable footrest ordered so you can use the Freewheel.

    TiLite Angle-Adjustable Footplates

    Do you have a Tilite Rigid chair? Does it have an angle-adjustable footplate? You'll need a special part called the P102 clamp kit. The picture to the right shows the issue that is sovled with this clamp. Simply put, you just need to switch out the clamp that's already on your wheelchair with the P102 so it will work with the Freewheel.

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