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    Nova Anti-Tippers

    Product #: 23654741NO
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    EquaGel Straight Comfort Cushion

    Soft cushion allows bloodflow while providing support to prevent bottoming out Redistributes pressure and cradles bony areas 1.25" gel walls are soft to the touch and distribute weight across cushion surface Fluid resistant, air-permeable cover prevents moisture and heat buildup Extreme durability and tensile strength The EquaGel Straight Comfort Cushion is a wheelchair cushion made of special dry-polymer gel that promotes comfort and durability. This cushion has a unique column buckling feature that causes the walls of gel to buckle into hollow spaces and pass weight to surrounding walls for support, providing effective pressure redistribution. The EquaGel Straight Comfort Cushion cradles bony pressure points in its soft gel to relieve pressure on the skin and increase blood flow. This helps prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and makes the cushion highly comfortable for extended periods of use.