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    Knee/ Leg Injury

    Types of common knee injuries include sprains, strains, bursitis, dislocations, fractures, meniscus tears, and overuse injuriesKnee injuries are generally caused by twisting or bending force applied to the knee, or a direct blow, such as from sports, falls, or accidents.

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    Pro-Tec Knee Sleeve, Open Patella

    The Open Patella Knee Sleeve alleviates pain associated with: Arthritis Moderate to Mild Patello-Femoral Pain General Knee Pain

    Reaction Web Knee Brace

    Dynamic support webbing absorbs shock and shifts weight to alleviate knee pain. The open web design offers superior comfort from while the mesh backing allows for breathability. This brace offers complete flexibility: It can be worn on the left or right leg, and with OR without the sleeve. Constructed out of elastomer, a blend of latex-free and neoprene-free rubber materials, this lightweight brace is ideal for all-day use.

    Reddie Knee Brace

    Reddie Knee Brace

    Turning Knee Walker Heavy Duty- Tall

    The Extra Tall and Heavy Duty Knee Walker because while recovering from foot/ankle/Achilles injury is long, uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Stay mobile and recover better with the non-weight bearing Knee Walker equipped with locking hand brakes, rugged wheels and an extra tall, heavy duty frame that supports up to 400 lb. It’s going to be a long 6-12 weeks, suffer less and move more.

    Trolley CPM Package

    OptiFlex Hi-Lo Trolley allows for proper positioning of CPM. Continuous Passive Motion is a postoperative procedure designed to aid in the recovery after joint surgery.

    Thermoskin Elastic Knee Supports

    Thermoskin Elastic Knee Brace provides moderate and even compression, suitable for a range of day-to-day activities for weak or injured knees such as: walking, climbing stairs, squatting and even sitting. This support can also be worn during increased physical activity to help prevent pain or injury caused by general wear and tear of the knee. The Thermoskin Elastic Knee Support is also recommended in the first 72 hours of an acute knee injury to assist in reducing swelling and help in providing pain relief. It is recommended to ice the area to reduce inflammation in conjunction with the elastic knee support.

    Cooltex Knee Sleeve W/ Stays, Open Patella

    Support provides warmth, support and compression for the knee with spiral stays to prevent rollover. Indicated for moderate knee strains or sprains, knee injuries arthritis.

    Slip-On Leg Bolsters, Pair

    When the wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Sharp metal and fragile skin do not mix well. The proper way to protect the legs from wheelchair leg rest brackets is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Leg Bolsters.

    Tilt & Recline Chair,​ Standard Legrest - Upholstery Color: Regimental Blue

    Knee Pressure Pillow

    Knee Pressure Pillow takes excessive pressure off knees when in side-lying for long periods. Hook-and-loop closure keeps separator in place. Removable, machine-wash polyester and cotton cover. Not made with natural rubber latex. 6-1/2" x 5".

    Leg Lasso- Black

    Leg Lasso are great for people that worry about developing bedsores and can give people with impaired use of their hands the chance to be more independent. LegLasso are lightweight and durable, allowing users to reposition their legs when they spasm or become uncomfortable. LegLasso can be used with ease while lying down, eliminating the need to sit up or thrash around in order to roll over.

    Corflex - COOLTEX 13" Closed Knee Wrap W/ Hinges

    Features wrap-around design for ease of application with heavy-duty hinges for optimal medial/lateral support; in CoolTex, a neoprene alternative material

    GenuTrain® OA

    Orthosis for compression and unloading of the knee joint.

    SERF Strap

    A revolutionary approach to help relieve and manage patellofemoral pain.

    Knee Sleeve- Grey

    The Incrediwear Knee Sleeve accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions. The Knee Sleeve can be worn during and after activity to provide pain relief and post-activity recovery.

    Leg Wrap Positioning Aids

    The Ableware Leg Wrap Positioning Aids attaches to the user in 3 places to assist in repositioning the leg and transferring to/from a bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair, toilet seat, etc. Convenient upper and lower handles eliminate the need to grab clothing and create a controlled movement thereby reducing injury caused by dropping the legs.

    Performance Patella Sleeve

    The Performance Patella Sleeve features an easy-on fit for continuous support day or night. The sleeve acts like a brace supporting and stabilizing using Compression Zone Technology. ® Thin and flexible enough to wear under everyday clothes without slipping.

    Webtech Knee Brace- Black

    RECOMMENDED FOR KNEE PAIN DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS TENDONITIS Silicone web is for pain; a shock absorber for your knee

    Flex- Medium

    A viable post-op/functional rehab solution offering versatility in both shape and function. Flex is a viable post-op/functional rehab solution offering more versatility in both shape and function than most other options. Its heat-moldable, carbon composite frame accommodates edema and/or changes in leg shape during recovery from surgery, while its Accutrac® range-of-motion hinges provide flexion and extension control. Gel Fit™ condylar pads improve suspension and are comfortable for tender knees recovering from trauma. Recommended for low to moderate activity.

    Knee Separator with Easy-to-Clean Vinyl Coating

    Knee Separator with Easy-to-Clean Vinyl Coating

    DMI® Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow, 28 x 10 x 7

    DMI® Elevating Leg Rest Cushion Pillow

    VenaPro DVT Leg Compression Device

    VenaPro is a portable deep vein thrombosis compression device for preventing DVT. Used after post-operative surgery in the hospital or home, the VenaPro Vascular Therapy System helps restore proper blood circulation in the lower limbs. Manufactured by DonJoy Global (DJO), it comes with two leg sleeves and compressors, one for each leg. They provide a preset pressure of 50 mmHg. Each leg-sleeve inflates and deflates in a cycle of one minute. The portable design allows you to easily take the pressure cuffs along with you to use where and when you need to have compression therapy.

    VERTALOC® Max OA Knee Brace

    The VertaLoc® MAX OA Knee Brace is constructed to comfortably maximize knee support. This easy to use, double vertical orthosis is designed to offer stability and ease pain, while assisting the patient in returning to an active lifestyle. The VertaLoc® MAX OA features a fully adjustable range of motion hinge and also provides rotation control. This comfortable and lightweight knee brace promotes patient compliance in a safe, non-invasive manner.

    Knee/ Leg Injury