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    GenuTrain® OA

    Orthosis for compression and unloading of the knee joint.

    GenuTrain OA with its innovative unloading system, relieves the lateral or medial compartment of the knee based on the 3-point principle. The unloading relief is easily adjustable with the Boa Fit-System.

    A low-profile and light weight design, combined with 3D AirKnit compression support, allows for unparalleled relief, joint control and all day wearing comfort.

    Degenerative arthritis of the knee (Osteoarthritis or OA) is a condition in which the natural joint surface cartilage slowly “wears” away. Bauerfeind offers a wide range of products for different stages of OA progression.

    Our new GenuTrain OA knee brace provides clinically-proven relief from painful Osteoarthritis of the knee through innovative unloading and targeted, comfortable compression. Available through prescription from your healthcare provider.