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    L’TIMATE Knee Sleeve

    Pull on knee sleeve designed to provide support and compression to the knee.
    Product #: 231804651BNC


    • Made of durable 13” polyester sleeve with HyPUR-cel core and breathable mesh lining
    • HyPUR-cel provides excellent four-way stretch, shape-memory, and compression
    • Product treated with antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria
    • Left or right application


    • Measure around the center of the knee with leg extended. Knee circumference is used for size range
    • XSmall: 12 - 13"
    • Small: 13 - 14"
    • Medium: 14 – 15″
    • Large: 15 - 16"
    • XLarge: 16 - 18"
    • 2XLarge: 18 - 20"
    • 3XLarge: 20 - 22"
    • 4XLarge: 22 - 24"
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