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    Rx 5mm Knee Support, Camo


    For compression and stability that doesn’t compromise flexibility and range of motion, wear the Rehband® Rx 5mm Knee support and improved performance during Olympic lifting and other high intensity movements that put strain on your knees.

    Joint Support and Stability 
    Engineered for varied training such as Olympic lifting and conditioning workouts 
    Patented anatomical design offers a secure fit 
    Construction allows for safe, optimal range of motion 
    Improves muscle control and coordination 
    Made with 5mm neoprene that stretches as you move 
    Stays in place while you workout 

    Flexible Compression 
    Enables you to be agile and doesn’t restrict your movement 
    Warms and maintains muscle temperature as you train 
    Reduces wasted muscle energy 
    Promotes blood flow to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery 
    Lessens strains on knees during high intensity training 
    Helps to correctly guide your body’s movements 
    Protects joints and soft tissues from injuries 

    Key Details 
    Knee sleeve 
    Offers flexible support and compression for varied training 
    Helps prevent injuries by protecting your joints and soft tissues 
    Made with 5mm SBR/neoprene 
    Sizes XS-XXL 
    Includes one knee support 
    Fits left or right knee