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    HandSteady Rotatable Handle Cup

    Cup with a rotating handle self levels, increases control, reduces spills. Drinking aid for people with tremor, limited dexterity, weak grip. Patent pending rotating handle allows the cup to be self leveling

    Neater Powered Drinker

    The Neater Powered Drinker enables people to drink liquids and puréed foods at their own pace. The amount of liquid it can pump can be set by the user, and the liquid does not touch any parts of the mechanical pump, meaning it is easy to keep clean and long-lasting. ** 6-8 WEEK DELIVERY TIME**

    Rije Dysphagia Cup

    Designed with the help of Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapists, the RiJe Cup assists with safe swallowing of liquids promotes rehabilitation and independence. The RiJe Cup is the only assistive drinking device that works with thin and nectar-thick liquids IDDSI Levels 0, 1 and 2.

    16 oz. Easy Grip “Hand in Mug”

    Easy open and close lid. 360 degree rotating lid. Adjustable drinking spout. Non-slip rubber grip base

    Extra Long Wheelchair Drink Holder

    The ultimate, universal flexible arm beverage holder for mobility aid users.

    GRIP Drink Holder

    For use on the Lap Board or Activity Pad, the GRIP Drink Holder is designed to stabilize your drink to reduce tipping and spilling. In addition to cups and glasses, the Drink Holder can also accommodate containers of yogurt or pudding.

    Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning

    Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning for Manual or Power Wheelchair. Each sold individually.

    NOVA Accessories 8 Rollators * STAR SERIES

    Products From NOVA STAR SERIES; Nova Cane Holder for Walker/Rollator or Swivel Cup Holder for Rollator

    PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cups

    The Provale® Cup is a Limited Flow Cup for the delivery of thin liquids. Simply by tipping the Provale® Cup in a normal drinking motion, the cup delivers Small Sips™ (5cc, one teaspoon, or 10cc two teaspoons depending on Cup model). By returning the Cup to its upright position, the chamber is refilled and ready to deliver another Small Swallow®. This repetitive, normal drinking motion encourages normal drinking habits and may allow for more patient independence. Replacement lids sold individually.

    Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

    Extra long for 30oz and 20oz Tumblers - (Set of 10) - BPA Free Reusable Straws

    SpillNot Cup Holder

    The SpillNot is a cup holder with a difference. Its design means that it is difficult to spill the contents of any glass or mug that is placed on it. You can swing the SpillNot as much as you like and the drink stays in the mug! This is particularly useful for carrying hot drinks, which you cannot place in your lap.

    Thumbs-Up Arthritis Cup with Lid

    Easy Drinking for Those with Limited Hand Strength

    U Drink Adaptable Holder

    The uDrink is a device that allows the user to hold and drink a beverage independently.

    Vivi DUO Handle

    A stronger grip for your next cup of coffee.

    Staying Hydrated