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    Divided Oven-Safe Porcelain Plate

    Product #: 247561A
    • 【ABOUT SIZE】 :8-inch portion plate, 1-inch high, can accommodate a full meal for people on a diet
    • 【GUIDED BALANCED MEALS】: Portion control divided plate to guide portion size of each food group,25% carbohydrate, 25% protein, 50% fruits and vegetables, making it easier to stay within your daily calorie needs and get the most nutrition out of each meal.
    • 【ABOUT STYLE】: Irregular geometric shape, fresh and simple Japanese style,Very suitable for our daily fat loss meals, and vegetables and fruits are more compatible, with shrimp, fish and other high-protein, low-fat food is very suitable
    • 【SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE】: people who want to lose weight through controlled diet and people who want to get fit, or people who need to control their diet because of certain chronic diseases and people who want to maintain their weight through daily diet
    • 【HIGH SAFETY】:The overall texture will be much thicker than ordinary ceramic plates,Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe, Oven Safe and Microwave safe
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