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    Able Grip Utensil Set

    This set features a fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, and rocker knife. Each of these utensils is built with a 1 1/2" wide grip handle that is intended to help individuals living with Parkinson's, arthritis, hand tremors, or any other cause of poor grip strength.
    Product #: 231698745RP


    • Mirror polished finish and are ideal for use serving everything from main entrees to sides, coffees, and desserts
    • Made with a durable yet flexible stainless steel construction
    • Fork, teaspoon, and tablespoon can be bent into preferred position
    • Ribs on the handles allow for these utensils to align perfectly with the inside of the right palm to provide extra grip
    • Can also be used by left-handed individuals
    • Rocker knife is designed with smooth edges to prevent accidental injuries, and cuts using a rocking motion rather than by slicing. The knife is also built with ribs on the handle which fit easily into both palms, making it ideal for users who are both right- and left-handed
    • Dishwasher safe up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Designed to improve dexterity and control while providing users with added independence, making mealtimes easier for both staff and residents.


    • Set includes: 1 fork, 1 rocker knife, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon
    • Fork Dimensions: 8" L, Handle measures 4.25" L X 1.5" W
    • Knife Dimensions: 8" L, Handle measures 4.25" L X 1.5" W
    • Tablespoon Dimensions: 8" L, Handle measures 4.25" L X 1.5" W
    • Teaspoon Dimensions: 7.75" L, Handle measures 4.25" L X 1.5" W

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