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    Travel Bidet

    The Travel bidet is the easiest way to take the refreshing cleanse of a bidet wash on the go.
    Product #: 2389465B
    • Fill and use anywhere
    • Full size reservoir for effective cleansing - 400ml
    • Convenient & discreet carrying bag
    • Ergonomic soft squeeze bottle
    • Angled spray design for perfect aim
    • Air lock for consistent spray
    • Easy store nozzle

    Do I need to fill my  travel bidet with any certain type of water?

    No. Plain tap water from the nearest water faucet is perfectly fine.

    How do I use my  travel bidet?

    There are 3 easy steps to using your bidet:

    1. Fill bidet with cool or warm water and screw on the bidet nozzle.
    2. Place finger over airlock on bottom of bidet to prevent leaking and turn over.
    3. Point nozzle in the appropriate area, remove finger from airlock and squeeze for cleansing bidet wash.

    How do I clean my GoSpa travel bidet?

    To clean your GoSpa travel bidet, simply use household dish soap and water.

    Can I leave water in it?

    The bidet is meant to be emptied after each use to ensure you have fresh wash every time!

    What is included?

    • The bidet reservoir
    • The bidet nozzle
    • A convenient travel bag for storage
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