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    TheraBand® Soft Weights- Red 3.3 lbs

    A soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells.
    Product #: 25211030NC
    • TheraBand® Soft Weights are hand-held, ball-shaped isotonic weights and provide users more versatility for strength training and rehabilitation exercises.
    • They are unique because the size of the ball, with a diameter of 4.5" (11cm) does not increase as weight increases, allowing for a consistent and functional grip.
    • This allows for either unilateral or bilateral exercise progressions, either independently, or with a partner.
    • In addition to traditional strengthening exercises for the upper and lower body, the Soft Weights can be used for many other applications.
    • Their soft texture allows for functional grip or exercises for individual fingers which aid in hand and wrist rehabilitation.
    • The Soft Weights can also be used for plyometric exercises for the upper extremity with a rebounder or mini-trampoline.
    • Balance training or stabilization exercises can also be performed using the Soft Weights for patients with lower extremity or lower back injuries.
    • Includes a guide that demonstrates proper exercises for a variety of applications.
    • Sold individually.
    • Red3.3 lbs. (1.5kg)
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