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    PSO-EVERYTHING- Night Black

    Can’t decide? Are you the type of person that needs to have everything? Every option in your arsenal for health and wellness? Then this is the Combo Pack deal for you!
    Product #: 236648PSO

    The PSO-EVERYTHING™ bundle comes with:

    (1) Pso-Rite – Our patented, one of a kind revolutionary flagship product for releasing the psoas and multiple other muscle groups in the body.
    (1) Pso-Spine – Heralded as the best back release tool on the market able to free up nerves from the hip all the way up to the head!
    (1) Pso-Neck – Our cervical traction device provides instant relief in the head, neck, and shoulders after a long stressful workday at the computer.
    (1) Pso-Back – The most innovative and aggressive self-massage tool for a healthy, mobile lower back. Great for doctors, nurses, golfers, long-distance runners, and weightlifters!
    (1) Pso-Mini – The same innovative design as the Pso-Rite just smaller to get into those tight spots around the hip, feet, and hands. Use it at work during your break, or take it with you on the airplane!
    (1) Pso-Stick – The ONLY customizable massage stick to help increase blood and lymph circulation for recovery.
    (5) Pso-Key – Show everyone you’re a fan by putting it on your key ring. Useful as a conversation starter or as a floatation device if you drop your keys in the shallow end of the pool!

    Patented | D823,479
    L = 10.7"    W = 5"     H = 5.3"      Peak to Peak = 6.3"
    Ibs = 1.155     oz = 18.48

    Patent | D879,989
    L = 11.5"     W = 4.88"      H = 2.5"      Peak to Peak = 3"
    Ibs = 1   |   oz = 16

    Patent | D823,479
    L= 8"       W= 5.7"      H= 3.25" 
    lbs = 1   |   oz = 16

    Patent | D823,479
    L= 10.87"       W= 6.25"      H= 4.9"   
    lbs = 1   |   oz = 16  

    Patented | D823,479 
    L = 3.25"    W = 1"     H = 1.75"      Peak to Peak = 2"  
    Ibs = .044   |   oz = .71 

    L = 17-5/8"      W = 1-5/8"       H = 1-5/8"
    gr = 373   |   oz = 13.15 

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