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    The Original Massage Sticks

    The Original Stick, developed in 1989, has consistently held its position as the world's premier massage stick. Its inception marked a pivotal moment in the realm of therapeutic tools, and since then, it has maintained its reputation as a leader in the industry. The development of The Original Stick is grounded in a combination of research-based science and practical application, ensuring its efficacy in delivering effective massages. With a track record of proven results, The Original Stick stands as the best-in-class massage stick, offering unparalleled benefits. As an essential tool for promoting relaxation and muscle recovery, it is highly recommended for everyone seeking a top-tier massage experience, regardless of your lifestyle.

    14" Little Stick

    • Shortest of all the massage sticks
    • Ideal for travel and perfect for targeting trigger points located in those smaller muscle groups
    • Comes with a proprietary flexible core, ergonomic and firm handles, and 6 freely rolling spindles
    • 14" Overall Length, 4" Handle Length, 6" Spindle Section Length, 6 spindles

    18" Travel Stick

    • Slightly longer than the Little Stick and is great for portability
    • Most popular model targeting small to mid muscle groups: legs, neck, glutes
    • Comes with a proprietary flexible core with 8 freely rolling spindles
    • 18" Overall Length, 5" Handle Length, 8" Spindle Section Length, 8 spindles

    24" Body Stick

    • Muscle Groups: Large Muscle Groups- Upper & Lower Back, Glutes
    • Each Body Stick comes with a proprietary flexible core, ergonomic and firm handles, and 15 freely rolling spindles
    • 24" Overall Length, 4" Handle Length, 16" Spindle Section Length, 15 spindles
    24" Stiff Stick
    • Muscle Groups: Large Muscle Groups- Upper & Lower Back, Glutes
    • The Stiff Stick features a rigid core with minimal flexibility, great for athletes desiring deep tissue activation through maximum pressure
    • Each Stiff Stick is 24" and comes with a proprietary stiff core, ergonomic and firm handles, and 12 freely rolling spindles
    • While the rest of our Massage Sticks were designed to have a flexible core the Stiff Stick was engineered specifically to have a thicker, more rigid core
    • This allows users who like their massage rolling to hurt oh so good to have the ability to apply more pressure when they roll
    • Applying more pressure can access deeper muscle tissue activation and work out those stubborn knots
    • 24" Overall Length, 5" Handle Length: 14" Spindle Section Length, 12 Spindles

    Why Should You Be Rolling?

    • Without proper recovery, sore muscles can lose their ability to function, resulting in soreness, fatigue, or even worse, injury.
    • There are multiple ways to combatant that, from foam rolling, stretching, or applied pressure muscle relief such as massage therapy and trigger point release.
    • The Massage Stick easily accomplishes both the rolling aspect of muscle recovery, and the applied pressure muscle relief, keeping it a quick and simple part of your day
    • Whether it is after a long day at work, after a hard training session, or a long travel day, muscle recovery is essential for mind and body performance.

    Why the Flex?

    • We specifically designed the core of the Travel Stick to be firm, yet flexible. This allows the stick to contour to your muscles so you can evenly apply your ideal amount of pressure, giving you more effective results.
    • Don't fear the flex. While the Massage Sticks are flexible they are extremely durable and snap resistant!

    Trusted By Professionals

    • Whether you are stepping up your recovery routine or incorporating it into your warm-ups, EVERY athlete can benefit from the Massage Stick.
    • Discover for yourself why the Massage Stick has been a trusted tool recommended and used by Olympic Teams, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in their conditioning and rehabilitation programs for years.

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