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    Leg Bolster for Wheelchairs

    Protect yourself from painful and pesky tears by sharp or protruding edges around footrest/legrest brackets on wheelchairs with these cushy leg bolsters.
    Product #: 2703060SC
    • Easy-to-clean Low-Shear II covering reduces skin friction.
    • Larger than competitive bolsters.
    • Compatible with use with wheelchair cushions and lateral supports.
    • Held together with a hook-and-loop adhesive.
    Reduce the chance of being scraped or cut by sharp or protruding edges that might appear around the footrest/leg rest hanger brackets in a wheelchair. These leg bolsters are essential to have on any wheelchair to increase comfort and reduce risk of injury during use.

    Size4 inches in diameter by 6.5 inches in height

    These leg bolsters by SkiL-Care offer additional safety and comfort to your wheelchair. When not in use, leg rests leave sharp metal hangers exposed that can lead to accidental cuts or scraps that can occur repeatedly and severely damage skin and leg tissue. By attaching these leg bolsters over the exposed metal hangers, the risk of injuries such as this are very minimal and the bolsters can provide additional support and cushion to the legs.

    These bolsters may be used in addition to a plethora of wheelchair accessories that make your ride more secure and safe such as seat cushions, lateral support, and back cushions. Please see the options below to see how you can best fit out your wheelchair for the most comfortable and safe ride.

    Made in the USA.

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