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Skil-Care Swing-Away Foot Support

Standard (Fits 16"–20" Wheelchairs), Right and Left

Skil-Care Foot Cradle

Cushioned back and side panels help control foot drop and prevents feet from slipping off the foot rest. Fits both 16" and 18" wheelchairs and attaches to footrest with buckle closures. Optional Contracture Accommodation Kit includes: two 1" pads, one 2" pad, and one 3" pad. 8"H x 15"D. Latex free.

Hemi Wheelchair Support Cushioning Kit

Designed to take a Hemi or Super Hemi height wheelchair and convert it into an excellent positioning and seating device that allows “foot propellers” to retain their mobility!

Custom Reclining Back Wheelchair Positioning Kit

Excellent replacement for Geri chairs. It supports laterally, cushions and protects.  **Wheelchair NOT included.  Contact Customer service for required measurements.  Price is base price and can increase with customization.

Custom Geri Chair Support Kit

The Custom Support kit is meant to provide custom cushioning for a Geri Chair  **GeriChair NOT included.  Please contact Customer service for custom ordering instructions. Please note the Geri Chair Positioning Kit is different item.

Geri Chair Positioning Kit

The Custom Support kit is meant to provide custom cushioning for a Geri Chair  **GeriChair NOT included.  Please note the Geri Chair Support Kit is different item.

Complete Feet, 18" Wide

Unique heel cut-out eliminates contact with the heel, preventing pressure points and reduces risk of skin breakdown.

Pair of Slip-On Leg Bolsters

When the wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Sharp metal and fragile skin do not mix well. The proper way to protect the legs from wheelchair leg rest brackets is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Leg Bolsters.

Invacare Elevating Leg Rests w/ Aluminum Footplates

The Elevating Leg Rests with Padded Calf is an attachable accessory to any Invacare manual wheelchair such as the ProBasics Value K1 Wheelchair. The elevating leg rest offers the ability for the wheelchair user to rest their legs at a more comfortable level. By elevating the legs, it also aids in relieving symptoms such as varicose veins and swelling in the legs, by simply elevating your legs you help treat or slow down the occurrence of these symptoms. While many wheelchairs offer a standard foot-rest, there will be a time where the user will need or feel the need to prop up their legs for comfortability and since not all wheelchairs come with an extra pair, make sure you are ready and set for it.

SafetySure MovEase Underpad

The MovEase Underpad can also be placed on a wheelchair, armchair or sofa. Four nylon handles, two on each side of the underpad, assist the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning. The handles are recessed to reduce the possibility of entrapment.