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    Skil-Care Swing-Away Foot Support

    Standard (Fits 16"–20" Wheelchairs), Right and Left

    Complete Feet, 18" Wide

    Unique heel cut-out eliminates contact with the heel, preventing pressure points and reduces risk of skin breakdown.

    Slip-On Leg Bolsters, Pair

    When the wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Sharp metal and fragile skin do not mix well. The proper way to protect the legs from wheelchair leg rest brackets is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Leg Bolsters.

    Invacare Elevating Leg Rests w/ Aluminum Footplates

    The Elevating Leg Rests with Padded Calf is an attachable accessory to any Invacare manual wheelchair such as the ProBasics Value K1 Wheelchair. The elevating leg rest offers the ability for the wheelchair user to rest their legs at a more comfortable level. By elevating the legs, it also aids in relieving symptoms such as varicose veins and swelling in the legs, by simply elevating your legs you help treat or slow down the occurrence of these symptoms. While many wheelchairs offer a standard foot-rest, there will be a time where the user will need or feel the need to prop up their legs for comfortability and since not all wheelchairs come with an extra pair, make sure you are ready and set for it.

    SafetySure MovEase Underpad

    The MovEase Underpad can also be placed on a wheelchair, armchair or sofa. Four nylon handles, two on each side of the underpad, assist the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning. The handles are recessed to reduce the possibility of entrapment.

    Wheelchair legrest Pad with Adj Wings

    Calf legrest mounts to most wheelchairs with adjustable belts to protect legs against contact with metal wheelchair parts. Side panels control lateral movement of legs. Foam-padded back and sides are removable to allow adjustability for the individual.

    Heavy Duty Extra Wide Wheelchair Elevating Footrests

    Swingway Elev.Leg Rest w/ToolFree (Pair)

    Leg Bolster for Wheelchairs

    Protect yourself from painful and pesky tears by sharp or protruding edges around footrest/legrest brackets on wheelchairs with these cushy leg bolsters.

    Skin Tear Prevention Kit

    When wheelchair leg rests are removed, the brackets create a sharp edged “hook” that is notorious for generating skin tears. Arms can be at risk for skin tears too, especially if the skin is fragile. Our skin tear prevention kit comes with the following: 2 WHEELCHAIR LEG BOLSTERS - 4" D X 6" LONG 2 WHEELCHAIR ARM BOLSTERS - 4" D X 10" LONG The proper way to protect sensitive legs and arms from skin tears is by bolstering them with a covered, staph-checked, hypo-allergenic, moisture-proof, soft polyurethane foam, such as JDM’s Wheelchair Bolsters.

    Two-Piece Footrest Extender w/1" Foot Pad , fits to a 18" Wheelchair

    The footrest extender secures to the wheelchair footrest for improved posture, prevents foot drop, and feet from slipping behind the footrests.

    Swing-Away Footrests

    For use with :Blue Streak, Silver Sport 1, Silver Sport 2, Cruiser III, Cirrus IV, Viper, Viper Plus GT, Reclining Wheelchairs, M3 Wheelchairs

    EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Wide WX12 and Accessories

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide WX12 --CUSTOM Experience the Next Generation of Lightweight and Fold-able Mobility Aids -- A beautifully designed and extremely well crafted frame for comfortable riding supporting users up to 330 pounds. We took our regular Deluxe Model and widened the distance between the arm rests over 2 inches, which provides added comfort for heavier users. The WX12 Model is equipped with 7.5" Front Wheels and 12" Rear Wheels. It has the Quickest & Easiest Folding and Unfolding action ever. It literally will unfold in one second. The Back Support Reclines in 5 positions, for maximum comfort. The motors have a patented Quick Release feature to split the chair into 3 pieces, with the frame weighing approx. 37 lbs and the motors (2) with wheels each weighing approx. 13 lbs. This makes the EZ Lite Cruiser the Lightest and Most Portable Foldable Mobility Aid ever.

    Leg Lasso

    Leg Lasso are great for people that worry about developing bedsores and can give people with impaired use of their hands the chance to be more independent. LegLasso are lightweight and durable, allowing users to reposition their legs when they spasm or become uncomfortable. LegLasso can be used with ease while lying down, eliminating the need to sit up or thrash around in order to roll over.

    Single Piece GEL Foot Board Cover 11" x 9" - EACH

    This SINGLE 11" x 9" GEL footboard cover with wood base is designed to bolt on and fit most manufacturer's regular size footboards found on many power chairs. This GEL footboard cover fits center mount and under both feet. It can also be used on some scooters.

    Articulating Elevating Legrests

    Fits Drive Wheelchairs: M3 QRT National Contract Chair Also fits Sentra EC, Sentra HD, Polyfly, Viper, and Viper Plus GT, Blue Streak

    Skil-Care Foot Cradle and Contracture Accommodation Kit

    Foot cradle prevents foot drop and feet from slipping off footrest. Contracture Accommodation Kit addresses a wide range of flexion contracture needs. Can be used together. Each sold separately.

    GEL Leg Protector Wraps 2 1/2" x 9 1/2"

    Pair of GEL Wheelchair leg wraps to fit 70 Degree swingaway foot rests EXCEPT PDG; 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" ; Velcro closure. Designed for the ultimate in COMFORT and PROTECTION and can AID in HEALING existing sores and/or abrasions. LPW

    Calf Protector for Wheelchair

    The Comfort Company Calf Protector provides calf support, preventing feet from dragging. Easy attachment and removal for transfers. It has thickness of 0.75 inches. Comes standard with Comfort-Tek fabric that is selected for its anti-microbial properties & as an easily cleaned surface.

    Shoeholder Toe Straps

    A simple hook and loop strap design connects to the footplate. The 1″ wide straps adjust to fit around the end of the user’s shoe or foot. Sold in pairs.

    Multi-Axis Knee Pad/Abductor Assembly with Gelafin Cover

    Multi-Axis Knee Pad/Abductor Assembly with Gelafin Cover

    FlexSure Feet, Large, Hook & Loop Closure, Pair

    FlexSure Feet is Therafin's new adaptable foot holder for individuals with foot positioning challenges. The FlexSure Feet are designed to allow dynamic foot movement while holding the foot secure. The adjustable hook and loop closure makes foot placement quick and easy . . . with or without shoes.