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    NuStep Accessories

    Shop here for accessories for NuStep T5/T5XR cross trainers.
    Product #: 251035NU

    Available Accessories

    • Floor Mat
    • Hip and Torso Belt installed - order this if you are purchasing your NuStep machine at the same time
    • Hip and Torso Belt retrofit- order this is you already own your NuStep machine
    • Leg Stabilizer Strap, Regular – 26″
    • Leg Stabilizer Strap, Large -- 33"
    • Unilateral Leg Stabilizer and Kit
    • Bilateral Leg Stabilizer and Kit

    Details For The Unilateral and Bilateral Stabilizer and Kit

    • Unilateral configuration allows use for one leg only
    • Bilateral configuration allows use with both legs simultaneously
    • Stabilizes legs from abducting or adducting
    • Adjustable to keep legs in desired alignment
    • Attaches on thigh to minimize knee torque
    • Easy attachment and removal
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Washable neoprene attachment strap, no latex
    • Sanitary and cleanable

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