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    The Freedom finger contracture orthosis is used to assist in increasing extension of the MP,PIP, and DIP joints of the fingers where flexion contracture exists. The orthosis can be applied in different ways, depending on the severity of the contracture. It has a tapered and conical shape that provides gentle, progressive and measurable treatment of severely contracted fingers.
    • Freedom Contracture and Hygiene Kit includes 1 Blue Antimicrobial Hand Contracture Carrot, 20 Palmar Swabs, and 4 Placement Wands
    • Inflatable Carrot includes 1 Inflatable Cone Shaped Tube, 2 Bacteriostatic Cloth Covers, 1 Inflator Bulb, and 2 Placement Wands
    • Palmar Swab Kit Includes 48 Triangular Swabs and Two Placement Wands
    • Enable progressive, measurable treatment of severely contracted hands
    • All products are hand washable
    • Latex free.
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