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    AIRPRO Air Graduate one size fits all

    AirPro™ Air Graduate WHFO provides low load prolonged stretch to wrist while accommo­dating different degrees of finger contracture. The AirPro removable cone shaped adjustable palmar air bladder can also be used alone. Bend the OCSI AirPro Air Graduate WHFO to fit frame. Color coded straps for accurate application and ease of staff training. Antibacterial fabric resists odor. Includes extra cover. One size. Fits left or right.
    Product #: 255477301OCSI


    OCSI AirPro™ Air Graduate WHFO AirPro Air Graduate WHFO Ongoing Care Solutions Grip Splints
    -WHFO provides low load prolonged stretch to wrist
    -Removable cone shaped adjustable palmar air bladder
    -Bend to fit frame

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