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Skil-Care™ Arm Tray- Foam

Secures to wheelchair armrests with full-length hook & loop attachment. 6"H x 6"W x 16"L. Sold individually. Latex free.

Skil-Care Mobile Armrest

This Skil-Care Armrest is compatible with any wheelchair and is complete with a nylon cover that is easy to clean to prevent infection.

Skil-Care Foam Padded Armrests

Provide foam-padded cushioning for wheelchair arm. Covered with durable nylon, pad has Velcro fasteners and removes easily. Extended model extends further down for added protection. Machine wash and air dry. Sold as a pair.

Skil-Care™ Lateral Stabilizer/Armrest Bolster- Desk, 6"H x 6"W x 11"L

Skil-Care™ Lateral Stabilizer/Armrest Bolster- Desk, 6"H x 6"W x 11"L

Functional Foam Arm Elevator

Resists sliding on slick surfaces  Sanitary  Wipes clean

Molded Armrest, Left, Swing Away Base

Molded Armrest Left, Hard

Lateral Support Arm Trough

This newly updated design offers positioning and support in a more stylish and compact arm trough. Vertical support stabilizes the user’s torso, while the trough provides support and comfort for the arm.

Sheepskin Wheelchair Armrest Pads

High-pile, non-allergenic synthetic sheepskin. Pair.

Deluxe Tray with Quick Release Clamps

Melamine impregnated 3/8" thick fiberboard top with black PVC rim for added protection.

Skil-Care Softop Wheelchair Tray Blue Vinyl

Skil-Care Softtop Wheelchair Lap Trays are designed to serve as therapeutic interventions that assist patients in achieving proper body position, balance, and alignment. The minimally restrictive lap cushion also provides wheelchair users with a comfortable, low-pressure surface to rest arms and elbows. Its adjustable hook and loop straps allow for the tray to fit onto multiple wheelchairs, making this a must-have wheelchair accessory in a clinical or rehabilitation setting.

Comfort Arm Pads

Soft and warm, leaving the handles free to ensure a firm grip when standing up.

Skil-Care™ Softop Wheelchair Tray- 24"–26" Nylon, Black

Nylon or vinyl on top and a hard surface underneath. Easy-open hook & loop closures comply with OBRA standards. Quick-release, around-the-chair strap prevents the 1"-thick tray from sliding forward. Fits standard arm wheelchairs. Latex free. See wheelchair dimensions below.

Flip-Away Lap Tray

Flip-Away Lap Trays are excellent for flaccid arms. They offer some lateral and forward motion support.