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    Comfort Arm

    17" Long design provides finger support for all users, preventing edema. Comfortable straps for securing the arm. Can be easily adjusted or removed. Provides support for contractures and tone, while also preventing finger drop. Moldable option can be used to elevate fingers preventing edema.
    Product #: 22002R17CC
    • New TB3 V3 bracket is designed to avoid the components that mount to the bottom track (as many as possible, it is unknown what configurations are possible).
    • There are no modifications needed for the current Comfort Company Arm Support wood/foam/t-nuts.
    • The new TB3 V3 bracket was designed to be equivalent in strength to the current TB3 V2 bracket.
    • We will continue to offer the current TB3 V2 bracket to customers.
    • The new TB3 V3 bracket will only be offered as a hardware option (not sold on an arm assembly).
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