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    Superslide Transfer Board with Side hand Holes

    Constructed from seven-ply birch, natural color with clear finish. Hand holes are enlarged for easier gripping.

    Superslide Transfer Board 29"L x 9"W, Large Hand Holes and Non-Skid Pad

    Transfer Board with Non-Slide Bottom, Two Handholes, 8" x 29" x 1/2"

    Super Slide Transfer Board

    Therafin’s Superslide Transfer Boards offer a smooth transition from wheelchair to chair. They are 3/8″ thick 7-ply birch with woodgrain plastic laminate top layers. They offer a splinter-free surface with no lacquer to wear off. See the details tab for additional features of the board. Stress tested to hold up to 400 pounds.

    Hardwood Transfer Board 30"L

    A beautifully grained hardwood board with tapered ends to 1/8" for easy sliding. Surface is smoothly finished. Measures 8"W x 3/4"D. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Latex free.

    Deluxe Wood Transfer Board w/ Two Cut-Outs

    Deluxe Wood Transfer Board w/ Two Cut-Outs

    Deluxe Transfer Board

    Deluxe Transfer Board

    Black Plastic Transfer Board, 29"L x 9"W x 1/2"H, 400 lbs. capacity, with Notches

    Constructed from moisture proof, high-density 1/2" thick plastic. One side is striate-sanded for bare skin transfers and one side is buffed for clothed transfers.


    BeasyTrans™ is the "Original S-shaped board" by Beasy. This model is ideal for automobile transfers. It has also been used successfully to boost or reposition patients in bed and transferring larger profile patients.


    The BeasyGlyder™ is the 32 inch board. This board is a great solution for situations when the arm of the wheelchair is not removable or the wheel is an obstacle. The crescent shape of the board facilitates the caregivers natural transfer motions.

    Beasy II Transfer Board

    The Beasy II is the 27.5" board perfect for small areas, especially bathroom transfers. If the attending professional approves, this system may be used for independent transfers. Many facilities use this board for boosting patients into bed.

    Bariatric Transfer Board, 35"L x 8"W x 5/8"H, 600 lbs. capacity

    Bariatric Transfer Board, 35"L x 8"W x 5/8"H, 600 lbs. capacity Sturdy 35"L x 8"W board is made of 5/8" thick birch plywood and has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Two perpendicular hand slots.

    Offset Transfer Board, 28"L x 11-3/4"W x 3/8"D

    This 3/8" (9.5mm) thick plywood board fits around a wheelchair wheel when the armrest is removed. Tongue fits between the seat and wheel.

    Wheelhold Board With Handhold 28" X 11 3/4"

    Wheelhold Board 3/8" thick 7 ply birch, walnut stained and clear sealed Board weight: 2.4 lbs. Place the triangular cutout against the wheel to help hold the board in place

    SafetySure Curved Transfer Board

    The arched shape of the SafetySure Curved Banana Transfer Board enables a variety of positioning options but allows for the natural sweeping motion of an assisted transfer. The Curved Banana Transfer Board is ideal for bed, car, wheelchair, and toileting transfers. The Curved Banana Transfer Board is made from durable, semi-rigid polyethylene that can be easily wiped down for cleaning and infection control. The top of the board is a smooth sliding surface and the ends are flared to provide a stable transfer platform. The Curved Banana Transfer Board can be used for both assisted and unassisted transfers.

    Therafin Transfer Board Non-Skid Pad Kit

    NON-SKID TRANSFER BOARD KIT can be applied to any wood transfer board.

    Wooden Transfer Board w/ Cut-Out Handles, 30"

    Product Summary: For ease of transferring to and from a wheelchair Made of sturdy Baltic birch with a clear lacquer finish Ends tapered, corners rounded Weight Capacity 440 lbs

    Commode Transfer Board

    This 17“W x 27“L board does not need to be removed during an individual’s toileting routine after he/she transfers to the commode. The clear sealed, 7-ply birch wood board is 3/8” thick. The ½” thick, white plastic, high-density, moisture-proof board has two uniquely different sides. One side is striate-sanded for wet, bare skin transfers and the other is buff-sanded for clothing transfers. Bariatric transfer board is ½” thick and supports up to 650 lbs. Birch and Plastic boards supports up to 400 lbs.


    Transfer Board eases the transfer from a wheelchair to bed or from the bed to a beside commode, to name just two examples. Use For: recovery, post-injury, limited mobility issues, and daily living aids

    Non-Tapered Transfer Board- 40", 2 hand holes

    Designed to help one transfer to and from a wheelchair, bed, toilet, chair, bathtub, car, and much more. This Transfer Board is constructed of durable Birch Wood. This Sturdy, Resilient Birch Wood does not splinter compared to other similar multi-ply. It has superior strength and durability characteristics. It is sold individually and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds or more. This Transfer Board also features rounded edges for comfortable and easy handling, a smooth sanded surface, and professional-like finishing for that polished glaze. This Transfer Board is easy to clean and is competitively priced while ensuring long-lasting use and superior durability.

    Square Amputee Transfer Board

    Our square transfer board is designed for those who would like the security of extended handles. Must be used with removable wheelchair armrests.

    Amputee Transfer Board

    Our transfer boards is designed for those who would like a wider surface for transfer.

    ADI Anti-Slip Transfer Board 21" length x 8" width x .5" thickness

    ADI anti-slip transfer board is a durable hardwood material board used for transfer of clients from wheelchair, has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Wheelchair transfer bench from Accessible Designs is durable and has anti skid material.

    EasyGlide, oval

    For supine transfers and for placing a lifting sling.

    Non-Skid Transfer Board 29"

    Designed to help transfer one to and from a wheelchair, bed, toilet, chair, bathtub, car, and more!

    Slide On Over Transfer Board Two Cutout

    Helps aid safe patient transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair or commode * Rounded corners, tapered ends and a smooth finish provide an easy patient transfer * Two open hand cutouts provide easy gripping

    Bariatric Transfer Board

    For ease of transferring to and from a wheelchair.

    ADI Anti-Slip 24" Transfer Board, Two Horizontal Hand Holes

    ADI Anti-Slip transfer board has tapered ends that allow the board to slide easily under the leg or bottom for quick and accurate placement during transfer.

    ADI Anti-Slip 29" Transfer Board, Two Horizontal Hand Holes

    Sliding boards are used to promote independence and safety during transfers. For those with impaired balance and upper body strength, we highly recommend Stealth's ADI Anti-Slip Transfer Boards as a transfer-assist tool, often providing the needed assistance to enable therapist/caregiver performance of a safer and bio-mechanical friendly transfer.

    HI-D Transfer Board - 35"

    The HI-D Transfer Board is made of durable, high-density polyethylene plastic that is easy to clean and sanitize for multiple uses. This transfer board has a striated surface, making it ideal for bare skin transfers. Excellent for personal or professional use.

    Transfer Board with Notches, 26" x 8"

    Premium transfer board with tapered ends

    Standard Transfer Board

    Standard Transfer Board, Choose size: 26" or 29"

    Bariatric Transfer Board, Heavy Duty w/ 2 Big Grip Hand Holes, Natural

    Transfer Board, Theraslide, Heavy Duty 32"x10" w/ 2 Big Grip Hand Holes

    Solid Hardwood Transfer Board 8 x 30

    Deluxe Hardwood Transfer Boards 8"x30"

    Transfer Board, Superslide, 24"x 9" w/ Standard Hand Hole & Non-Skid

    Therafin SuperSlide Transfer Boards are constructed from strong 3/8 inch thick, seven-ply premium birch with a clear and smooth plastic laminate finish. An optional non-skid pad on bottom increases stability. The splinter-free surface has no lacquer to wear off.

    Solid Wood Transfer Board 8" x 30"

    Transfer Board for wheelchair, chair, car, bed, and commode transfers.

    Transfer Boards