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    EasyGlide, oval

    For supine transfers and for placing a lifting sling.

    SystemRoMedic™ – EasyGlide, oval

    For supine transfers and for placing a lifting sling

    EasyGlide, oval is a sliding board which is used for supine transfers from one bed or stretcher to another but also for positioning higher up in the bed. EasyGlide, oval can also be used to assist placement of a lifting sling both in the recumbent and in seated positions. Please watch the movie hereunder for a few examples.

    EasyGlide, oval is used when the gap is max. 5 cm/1.97''. For safety reasons EasyGlide, oval should have a firm underlying surface on both sides when transferring.

    The rounded shape and the smooth, low-friction top surface provide for easy sliding transfers and make the sliding board very easy to position and remove.

    EasyGlide, oval is made of strong polyethylene. The convenient size makes the sliding board easy to transport and to always have close at hands.

    EasyGlide, oval is also available in a smaller variant, EasyGlide, oval (mini), which is used for positioning further back in a chair and for application of lifting slings. Click the link at the bottom of this page for more information about EasyGlide, oval (mini).

    • Thin, rounded shape and smooth top surface provides for easy positioning, sliding transfers and removal.
    • Useful when the user cannot be turned to the side.
    • Facilitates the placing of an x-ray cassette.
    • Very easy to use, quick-guide on the underside.
    • Hygienic; can be disinfected with 70 % ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar after use.
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