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    Toilet Safety Rails for Elderly

    ♥ STABILITY AND SAFETY: Designed to provide extra support and stability while using the toilet. It can be easily adjusted and attached to the toilet, thereby promoting the safety and stability of the user. Prevents slipping or falling. ♥ ADJUSTABILITY: The structure can easily be adjusted in height, width and length to be the perfect fit for every toilet. The armrests can be adjusted forwards and backwards for more comfortable support. ♥ ACCESSIBILITY: The curvature adapts to the shape of the toilet and grants accessibility when used. ♥ EASY INSTALLATION: No installation or tools required, the structure is easy to adjust. ♥ RECOMMENDED: For elderly, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility.
    Product #: 24788A

    WIDTH: 27" - 30"

    The horizontal tube is adjusted to improve the rigidity of the frame. It can be adjusted in two angles and in two positions with different widths.

    HEIGHT: 25" - 29"

    The structure has 6 regulations, one every 0.6", to adjust the height of the armrest and adapt it to the user.

    DEPTH: 18.5"

    The armrests have two positions, use the adjustment buttons under the armrest to change the position forward or back and get more comfortable support.

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