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    Thermotech Analog Heating Pad

    Ideal for cervical, throat, and jaw area (as in T.M.J.) as well as the ankle and wrist area. A convenient hand-held momentary switch, allows the user to maintain the highest temperature possible.

    The moisture produced by the Thermotech Hot Pack transfers the high heat deeper into tissues than an ordinary dry heat pad.
    A convenient hand-held momentary switch allows the user to maintain the highest temperature possible.
    Draws moisture from humidity in the air and retains it in the hot pack's outer flannel cover. The rapid heat rise, occurring when the hot pack is turned on, forces the moisture out of the flannel onto the skin, speeding temporary relief to the treated area
     The momentary switch must be held "on" to allow the unit to heat, released while cooling to normal body temperature. This treatment can be so relaxing; often the user may fall asleep. When the pressure switch is released, the unit immediately shuts off.

    Indications:Relieves Pain, Muscle Spasms, Pain Management.

    The flannel cover is washable, and included at no extra charge.

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