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    ChatterVox Voice Amplifier Complete System

    The personal lightweight ChatterVox Portable Voice Amplifier magnifies your voice using either a microphone headset or pencil microphone when talking to a large group.

    Breather Respiratory Muscle Trainer

    Resistive breathing training device to strengthen inspiratory and expiratory muscles. Beneficial for everyone interested in developing strength and endurance for their respiratory muscles. Respiratory muscles, like other muscles, can weaken from prolonged illness, aging, and neuromuscular diseases.

    7 Level Communication Builder

    Self-contained communication device allows the user to record and play back from 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 different messages per level. There are 7 levels for recordings for a total of 112 messages (in the 16 window setting) at the touch of a button! Total record time is 300 seconds. Includes 5 sturdy frame/overlays in 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 16 windows. Latex free.

    PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cups

    The Provale® Cup is a Limited Flow Cup for the delivery of thin liquids. Simply by tipping the Provale® Cup in a normal drinking motion, the cup delivers Small Sips™ (5cc, one teaspoon, or 10cc two teaspoons depending on Cup model). By returning the Cup to its upright position, the chamber is refilled and ready to deliver another Small Swallow®. This repetitive, normal drinking motion encourages normal drinking habits and may allow for more patient independence. Replacement lids sold individually.

    Sip-Tip Drinking Cup With Lid & One-way Valve & 10 straws

    Sip-Tip makes drinking easier for individuals with difficulties generating and maintaining suction. The set includes: 1 eight oz. tumbler, 1 spill-resistant lid, 10 One-Way Straws

    Weighted Base Dsyphagia Cup

    Weighted base slows tremors to help self-drinking. Oval shape to direct flow of liquid. Nose clearance so patients can drink without tilting head.

    Adjustable Head Stylus

    The Adjustable Touch Screen Head Stylus is an essential aid for people with limited hand use. The telescoping stylus is mounted on a sturdy headpiece that works with the slightest touch on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The headpiece has a ratchet adjustment knob that allows you to dial your head size for a perfect fit. Foam inserts are situated on the front and the back of the headpiece to provide an additional level of comfort.

    Dry Erase Communication Board in 8.5" X 11"

    This 8.5" X 11" communication board is the perfect tool for announcements, reminders, jotting down important information, etc. And, best of all, it's erasable and reusable time and time again.

    Tile Pro

    Most powerful Bluetooth tracker; Created for those who value high performance, durability and strong design. It's ideal for keys, backpacks, athletic gear or anything else of value. Pro has a 400 ft. Bluetooth range, loudest ring and a user replaceable battery.

    Jot 8.5" Boogie Board tablet, Gray

    Jot™ 8.5" Boogie Board tablet, Gray

    Tile Slim - 2 Pack

    The new slim is our sleek finder for narrow spaces; It easily slips into wallets and passports or lays flat on electronic devicesPut Slim in tight spaces like your wallet, passport case or luggage tag and use our free app to find them. Keep track of more for less with our multi-packs or give them to your friends and family as a gift.

    Chewelry For Adults - Variety Pack

    Discreet, neutral designs for older kids & adults. There is no age limit to any of our chews, but these are usually the most popular and most discreet options with older kids and adults.

    Hi-Gain 3-Way Headband Microphone

    Versatile uni-directional mic offers even better pick-up than the previous version for very weak, breathy or wispy voices.

    SyncPen2 - 2nd Generation Smart Pen

    The pen digitally records all your notes onto your smartphone, allowing you to seamlessly transition between digital and physical timekeeping.

    SupraBall Chin Tuck Against Resistance

    Chin Tuck Against Resistance therapy ball enhances suprahyoid muscles. Works well for elderly clients and those with neck difficulties

    Blom-Singer Classic Indwelling Voice Prostheses - Nonsterile 16 Fr. 06mm ***a prescription is needed for this item**

    ***a prescription is needed for this item** The Classic Indwelling voice prosthesis has been a premier voice restoration product for laryngectomees worldwide.

    Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT Feeling Fit

    Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT® Feeling Fit Created to help clients ‘feel the effort’ it takes to stay loud enough to be heard in conversation! The Voice-on-Light Bracelet illuminates only if the wearer is speaking loudly enough. Used to strengthen voice when alone or wherever the client is. The CD provides guided voice practice for use with it. The bracelet will fit most adult wrists but can be placed elsewhere (on a table or over a water bottle), 12-18” from the mouth. The battery life is 30 continuous hours (so should be switched off when not in use). Instruction guide provides detailed information and directions for use.

    Chewy Tubes

    Chewy Tubes are innovative oral motor devices designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills.

    Speech Therapy