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    Gel Padded Elongated Toilet Seat Cushion

    Gel seat cushion provides comfort and maximum pressure relief. Foam base prevents “bottoming out.” Horseshoe shape fits most commercial toilet seats.
    Product #: 281540913SC


    • Provides comfort and maximum pressure relief
    • Foam base prevents “bottoming out”
    • Horseshoe shape fits most commercial toilet seats
    • Enlarged size ensures that there are no exposed toilet seat surfaces
    • Four permanent straps hold the cushion in place
    • Buttom of cushion is a vinyl surface that is easy to clean with a spray and wipe antibacterial cleaner
    • Layered with gel and foam to provide comfort and maximum pressure relief and redistribution.


    • Dimensions: 14" W X 18" L X 1.5" H
    • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
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