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    Actimove Manus Forte Plus Wrist & Thumb Brace- L/XL

    Actimove Manus Forte Plus Wrist & Thumb Brace - Highly comfortable, reliable brace for the immobilization of the wrist and thumb.

    Supports pain relief by strongly and securely stabilizing the wrist in a functional position, preventing flexion and extension through the combination of the rigid aluminum stay, and the wide, circular and inelastic middle strap.

    Helps to alleviate pain as the thumb is immobilized by the rigid aluminum spica stay. Suitable for everyday wear, the secure-fit-design allows the fingers to move freely while fixating the wrist. Easy to apply, handle and remove with one hand due to the tubular slip-on design and the simple to adjust thumb closure. Additional overall stabilization of the wrist through two stays on the back of the hand. Individual fit by molding the anatomically shaped aluminum stay as required. Also usable in the late rehabilitation phase, when less stability is needed, by removing the palmar stay.
    For ease of use special security hook & loop closure to prevent straps from slipping out of the buckles. High wearing comfort and natural skin climate thanks to the soft, breathable spacer fabric. Suitable for those sensitive to latex, as this product is not made with natural rubber latex.
    Easy to clean for better hygiene, machine washable at 30¡C/85¡F after palmar aluminum stay is removed.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Preformed aluminium splints, adjustable for perfect fit and wearing comfort.
    • Tubular construction with hook and loop fasteners for easy application with one hand.
    • Washable at 86°F for easy hygiene.

    Fields of application: 

    • Painful arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist
    • Osteoarthritis of the thumb
    • Tendovaginitis (inflammation of the tendon sheath)
    • After tendon, ligament and soft tissue injuries (sprains)
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Post-operative use