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    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter & Digital Bowel Stimulator- Combo Pack

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter & Digital Bowel Stimulator-Combo Pack Adjusts for right- or left-hand use Six inches from tip to handle Fully washable
    Product #: 230700TF

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter or Digital Bowel Stimulator is a hook and loop handle that is ideal for people with quadriplegia or limited hand use. Both the Digital Bowel Stimulator and the Suppository Inserter are constructed from stainless steel with polyethylene collars and tips. The D-rings on the quad handles allow for easy adjustments. The stimulator has a 2" (5.1cm) long, firm insertion tip. The inserter has 2" (5.1cm) long, hollow plastic tip that holds a standard suppository. Spring-loaded design pushes the suppository out. Both units measure 8-1/2" (22cm) long, and can be sanitized easily.

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter Features:

    • Fully washable
    • Adjusts for right or left-hand use
    • Handle length 5". Shaft length 6"
    • Spring-loaded tip
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